Loyalist inks another partnership for its cannabis research lab

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Skills Centre at Loyalist College

(image: Outside of the Bay of Quinte Skills Centre at Loyalist College. Photo: David Foot / Quinte News)

Loyalist College has inked another partnership that will help students in its Applied Research Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis.

The college has signed a memorandum of understanding with Bioenterprise, which helps to connect, innovate and grow small and medium-sized businesses in Canada’s agri-tech and food industry.

Students will work with Biotech clients with product development, extraction and analytical testing, to ensure that their cannabis-based food and beverage products are safe and effective.

Loyalist President Dr. Ann Marie Vaughan says the agreement will not only help students develop their skills and expertise, but also continue to help the Canadian companies they work with to be more competitive in the emerging cannabis product market.

Last year, the college signed another memorandum of understanding with Boston-based Northeastern University, to help further the education of students in the ARC as well.

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