More Canadians are aware of cannabis beverages, but will they be buying them this holiday season?

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Truss Beverage reports that almost nine in 10 people are now aware of cannabis beverages

In all, 36 per cent of respondents say they are open to trying new cannabis formats.

New survey numbers from Truss Beverage Co. shows awareness of cannabis-related drinks has ballooned, with 87 per cent of legal-age Canadians reporting they know the products exist.

The finding is based on an online survey from Nov 4. to Nov. 9 with a sample of 1,500 Canadian cannabis consumers who are members of the Angus Reid Forum.

That awareness, coupled with an openness to try something new, may bode well for both those giving and receiving during the upcoming holiday season. In fact, 36 per cent of those polled say they are open to trying new cannabis formats and 20 per cent report they expect to consume less alcohol.

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