California hemp producer's Canadian head office coming to North Bay

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A California based hemp producer has chosen North Bay as its Canadian headquarters. 

Apothio, will use Canadore College’s Innovation Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping (ICAMP) and the College’s DNA lab to conduct the company’s research and development projects.

The company manufactures hemp-derived cannabinoid formulations like CBD oils, and is partnered with institutions of higher education "to conduct workforce development, educational programs, and research outcomes with our patients," according to its website.

Dr. Trent Jones is the Apothio president.

“We are excited to start this partnership with Canadore College’s ICAMP,” said Jones. “It will enable us to access leading-edge equipment and qualified experts in the field of genomics to assist us in developing our product for the global markets.”

The company develops hemp and cannabis strains to potentially treat a broad spectrum of human diseases. 

"The company has developed its genetics in the Mojave Desert and boasts strong genes, high yields of CBD, and valuable minor cannabinoids," says a news release.

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“These strains will be used for food development, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals. This will include specific strains to be used in clinical trials to determine their efficacy in a wide range of medical conditions,” said Jones. “The preliminary projects will include cataloguing hundreds of seeds to be patented for export to the European markets."

Jones says Canada is years ahead of the United States in its legalization of hemp and cannabis.

"Working within Canada’s framework of legalization provides us with the confidence to move our research and development operations. Our investment is well spent enabling our company to commercialize our cannabinoids, and other by-products, for our customers located in our international markets.” 

The research at Canadore will be conducted under the supervision of the College’s Director of Cannabinoid Research, Dr. Pritesh Kumar, a research scientist specializing in cannabinoid pharmacology.

 “This project positions Canadore College at the forefront of cutting-edge research in this emerging sector provincially, nationally, and internationally. We will take a leadership position by partnering with a U.S. company that is focused on research and development of hemp cultivars,” said Dr. Kumar.

“Much of the research and development will utilize the newly built genomics laboratory at Canadore College to study the various hemp cultivars developed by Apothio,” said Kumar.                                   

Jones says Canadore’s Director of Innovation Frank Suraci, played a key role in bringing Canadore and Apothio together.

“Without Frank’s vision, leadership, and trusted relationships, we would not have been able to assemble this wonderful venture,” said Jones. 

Apothio believes other pharmaceutical research industries, as well as other companies related to this sector, could relocate to North Bay, generating between 10 and 15 million dollars into the local economy and up to 125 new jobs in the region. 

The company was in the news recently after launching a $1 billion lawsuit against the Kern County, Calif. Sheriff’s Office after 500 acres of their crop was bulldozed and buried.

Apothio says it was cultivating "legal hemp crops" for foods, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals, including those to treat life-threatening types of epilepsy.

The Kern County, Calif. Sheriff’s Office has said the company was growing cannabis, not hemp, and therefore violated the law.

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