Super Anytime brings cannabis delivery, click-and-collect service to Manitoba

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Ordering cannabis in Manitoba just got a whole lot easier.

Super Anytime, what the company calls Canada’s first “on-demand, multi-retailer, e-commerce platform,” officially came online Wednesday, providing wider access to the province’s cannabis offerings all in one place.

“We’ve been called something like Ritual or Uber Eats for weed, but we prefer an integrated marketing sales and performance channel for cannabis,” Ian Delves, president and co-founder of Super Anytime, told The GrowthOp. “It’s really all about increasing accessibility and giving consumers access to the cannabis with which they are familiar,” Delves said.

The company is developing relationships with retailers that allows them to offer the store’s products to consumers on the Super Anytime website or iOS or android app.

Because it is not a licenced cannabis retailer itself, financial transactions are handled through Shopify. Still, the transactions are a seamless experience from the perspective of the consumer, said Michael Kniazeff, CEO and co-founder of Super Anytime.

Delivery options depend on the specific retailer providing the product, meaning same-day delivery is available in Winnipeg, with post and Purolator services currently used for the rest of the province.

While Manitoba was a natural place to start for the company — because the province’s friendlier regulations made the service easier to establish and, hopefully, prove successful — Super Anytime also has plans to expand to Alberta and Ontario. The goal is to eventually offer some form of service to the entire country.

“Ontario and Alberta are a bit different, but we are planning on going out there with a similar application that would be just for reserve and pay in store.” / Photo: Jason Finn / iStock / Getty Images Plus Jason Finn / iStock / Getty Images Plus

“Ontario and Alberta are a bit different, but we are planning on going out there with a similar application that would be just for reserve and pay in store,” Kniazeff said. “As a user you would put your address in and you would see retailers available near you. You would select a retailer, see all the products and then, once you check out, you would select the time you would pick up the order,” he explained.

As the market matures and more retailers sign up, it is anticipated the product and delivery options provided by Super Anytime will increase as well. And the accessibility and range of products have the added benefit of making illicit sales less appealing,

“A big piece of this is curbing the black market,” Kniazeff said. “We want to provide ease of use with our applications so you’re getting the same shopping experience for multiple retailers. We’re very tech-minded when it comes to the solutions we built, so what we do provide is ease of use to compliant products that are government regulated and safe from seed to sale,” he said.

“We really want people to be consuming the products from regulated cannabis industries.”

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