N.S. finance minister cites supply issues as cause of edibles sales slump

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Sales of cannabis-infused edibles have been slow to start at Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC), but that’s mostly thanks to a lack of supply as opposed to a lack of interest, according to the provincial finance minister.

The NLSC received its first shipment of the second-wave cannabis products in late December, shortly after they became legal for retail sale and before many other provinces. Despite their prompt arrival on the scene, however, the products haven’t exactly been the pot of gold that many expected for the Crown corporation.

Despite initially flying off the shelves, the province quickly sold out of the products, forcing clients to wait for more as the NLSC attempted to re-up its stash.

Finance minister Karen Casey said the lacklustre sales figures thus far can be attributed to a variety of reasons.

“Sales have been slow, and it’s based on supply, and no different than when we entered into this process last year, it was hard to determine what the demand would be,” Casey told Halifax Today. “It’s also, we recognize that suppliers have been waiting for some regulations from the federal government about what they can produce, and what we can sell.”

So far, the NLSC has coughed up $2.7 million to prepare its stores for the sale of second-wave cannabis products. / Photo: Photo: NSLC via Facebook Photo: NSLC via Facebook

But despite the mediocre cash infusion, Casey contended the products are in demand and predicts that sales will improve.

“The supply has been slow, but it’s gone quickly, so that tells us there is demand, and the suppliers are recognizing there is demand, so as we ramp up, they know what consumers are looking for, and they will make their production accordingly,” Casey said.

So far, the NLSC has coughed up $2.7 million to prepare its stores for the sale of second-wave cannabis products such as edibles, beverages and liquid vapes.

The provincially run corporation sold just over $192,000 worth of edibles between the Dec. 21 and 29, 2019.

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