Edibles are in high-demand in Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotians can finally buy edibles and other cannabis 2.0 products online.

On January 6, the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) began sales on its website — two weeks after the province introduced edibles to its 12 stores on December 23.

“The gummies and chocolate squares are by far our best-selling products,” said NSLC spokesperson Beverley Ware. “We have already had to re-stock twice and we’re expecting a third shipment by the end of the week.”

Here’s what’s in store.

The menu

Some products currently available online through the NSLC’s website or in-store are chocolate squares, soft chews and vape pens.

Other products available for sale are cannabis infused teas and mints.

The soft chews come in a variety of flavours like peach-mango or raspberry. They average for $7.50 per package, which includes two bite-sized gummies. Flavoured vape pens with strains like Tangerine Dream are also available, which have hints of mango and grapefruit.

The edibles range from 2 mg of THC to a maximum of 10 mg THC.

Foray’s chocolate squares are one of the most popular products in the new wave of Cannabis 2.0 products. Photo: Foray

Chocolate squares

Foray’s chocolate squares are quickly selling out both online and in-store, according to the NSLC. The squares come in several different flavours and types, from CBD-infused dark chocolate to sea salt and caramel THC-infused chocolate milk squares.

Because of the chocolate’s popularity, most of the chocolate are either sold out or have a very limited availability.

The NSLC says it has future plans of rolling out milkshake-flavoured chocolates and more varieties of sweets.

CBD-infused tea

Everie’s lavender-chamomile CBD tea comes in a package of three bags and sells for almost $20. That means people will be paying around $7 per cup of tea. Peach-ginger-decaffeinated green tea and vanilla-rooibos teas are also popular choices among customers.

“We plan on introducing cold beverages and baked goods, but it could take weeks to get to that stage,” said Ware.

Ware says the NSLC has plans to sell an iced tea and more infused beverages in the coming months.

Regular restocks

It only just one week for the NSLC to completely sell out their entire stock of edibles after first introducing their products. Since then, the province has been re-stocking their inventory to accommodate in store sales and online sales.

“Online ordering hasn’t been very popular after a day or so,” said Ware. “People like the human interaction and want to hold and see the product before purchasing it.

“On the other hand, there is a convenience factor that comes into play when ordering online. It’s a very gradual introduction that can take months before all products become available.”

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