Manitoba legislature to discuss bill on public cannabis consumption

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The Manitoba legislature started its winter break talking about public cannabis consumption.

The bill, which seeks to expand the province’s ban on public consumption of recreational cannabis, is in limbo until next year.

The province bans smoking and vaping marijuana in public, but the bill, introduced in November, proposes the restriction be extended to include edible products, oils, gels and all other formats.

“To prohibit consumption in public, I think, prevents that concept of having cannabis being a normal, run-of-the-mill, everyday product,” Justice Minister Cliff Cullen told The Canadian Press.

“It’s just not a very good message to send to our youth.”

At the time, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister didn’t realize oils, capsules and other non-smoking forms of the drug could be available before edibles.

The province has also been a hot spot for pot, especially after it recently welcomed a new production plant planning to pump out 1,000 cannabis edibles an hour.

The legislature is to reconvene March 4.

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