'Few details' on first case of vaping-related lung disease in Quebec: report

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Quebec has reported its first case of severe lung disease linked to vaping, according to La Presse.

The newspaper did not cite any sources, adding that “few details have emerged on this subject.” On Friday morning, Quebec’s top public health officer, Dr. Horacio Arruda, is to hold a news conference on the risks associated with vaping.

This follows a detailed warning that Arruda gave on Sept. 10. A week later, a high-school student from London, Ont., was placed temporarily on life support after using e-cigarettes but was later released from hospital, according to the local health authority in that province.

In his Sept. 10 warning, Arruda warned Quebecers that vaping is far from harmless.

“It is important to remember that vaping is not without risk, and its long-term effects are not yet known,” Arruda said in a statement at the time. “In this context, the population is encouraged to be vigilant. As with tobacco products, young people, pregnant women and non-smokers should refrain from using electronic cigarettes. ”

On Sept. 4, Health Canada issued a statement about a possible link between the use of vaping products and cases of a potentially deadly pulmonary disease in the United States.

The American Medical Association on Monday has advised U.S. residents to stop vaping of any sort until scientists gain a better understanding of the cause of more than 450 lung illnesses and at least five deaths related to the use of the products.

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