Canadians will try to roll the world's longest joint at the Ontario Cannabis Festival

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Whoever said that stoners were lazy had obviously never encountered any of the organizers for the upcoming Ontario Cannabis Festival in Kitchener. These dedicated marijuana enthusiasts are boasting that they will attempt to set a new record for the world's longest joint. It's actually a lot longer than you might think.

The original record was set by a Boston group known as Beantown Greentown in December 2017. That joint, which was originally planned to be 100 feet, ended up being a solid 106 feet long. Organizers for the Ontario Cannabis Festival will be aiming for 110 feet.

According to the Festival website, each participant can legally only have 30 grams on them, so they're looking for as many people as they can get to pitch in and roll one section of the joint. The website also indicates that 3.5 grams equal roughly one foot of joint.

Even though Beantown Greentown set the record that Ontario Cannabis Festival attendees will try to beat, it's not actually recognized as an official Guinness World Record. That's because Guinness generally avoids any records involving drugs. They also refused an invitation to witness the latest attempt in Ontario, something festival organizer Tony Millar called a "major bummer."

The Ontario Cannabis Festival promises plenty of activities for attendees, including musical and comedy performances. There will also be food trucks on site, because people will obviously have the munchies.

The festival will also host workshops where people can learn how to make their own cannabis butter, extract cannabis oil, and even grow their own plants. 

Jacqui Childs will also be a guest speaker at the festival. Childs is a Canadian author and marijuana advocate. She regularly speaks at marijuana-focused events, sharing her stories of addiction to prescription drugs and recovery through using cannabis.

The Festival will take place on Sep. 7, 2019 at Bingemans in Kitchener, Ontario. General admission tickets are $50.85, and there are still VIP tickets for $90.

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