Biome Grow wins right to sell cannabis in Manitoba

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Biome Grow Inc. (“Biome” or the “Company”) (CSE:BIO) (6OTA.F) (OTCQB: BIOIF) is pleased to announce that it has been licensed for the retail sale of cannabis in the province of Manitoba. This announcement comes on the back of recent approvals allowing Biome to distribute cannabis products in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick.

With this announcement, Biome is licensed to distribute cannabis in five provinces: Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and now Manitoba. Select strains of dried flower and pre-rolls will be supplied to private retailers all across Manitoba from Highland Grow, Biome’s wholly-owned cultivation facility in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

As was the case in New Brunswick and Saskatchewan, the genesis of this agreement stemmed from organic demand for Biome’s highly regarded products from cannabis connoisseurs and dispensary operators in Manitoba. This led management to actively pursue the approvals necessary to start shipping high quality product to the province’s 35 licensed retailers. 

Biome’s CEO, Khurram Malik, commented: “We are happy that our high quality, premium flower and pre-rolls have which have proven very popular with discerning consumers in Atlantic Canada and Saskatchewan will now be available to the 1.4 million people of ‘Friendly Manitoba’.“

Biome has more than doubled its distribution footprint domestically in the past two months and looks forward to more expansion in the future, continuing to build out the commercial footprint begun in January of this year. 

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