Pardons for simple marijuana possession coming soon for 250,000 Canadians

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The Trudeau government has finally introduced a bill which allows Canadians to receive free no-wait pardons for previous simple possession or cannabis charges by applying through a website.

The Justice Minister Lametti estimates there are upwards of 250,000 Canadians with some form of cannabis possession convictions.

“Instead of waiting five years and paying a parole board $631, applicants will no longer have to wait a single minute and will not owe the parole board a single cent,” said Federal Justice Minister David Lametti.

“We know that this is particularly significant for many in minority communities, including black and Indigenous Canadians who have been disproportionately affected by the enforcement of cannabis laws.”

While the process will be instant and free, there will be a rules-based procedure.

Individuals with previous records will have to get their fingerprints taken, apply for a copy of their criminal record and get a record check from the police.

Former military members will have to also get a copy of their conduct sheet.

While the pardons are sure to help thousands of Canadians living in Canada, multiple media outlets have reported that the United States will not recognize Canadian pardons.

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