Natural cannabis or FDA-approved synthetic marinol (Generic Dronabinol)?

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Many are familiar with natural cannabidiol, but not many are aware of the new substance on the block – synthetic Marinol, which is an FDA-approved drug that is touted as a safe alternative to medical marijuana.

It is also categorized as a controlled substance due to the inclusion of dronabinol.

Marinol can be obtained through prescription only, and it is meant to be used by adults to treat the following conditions, according to the product’s website:

  • Nausea and vomiting from anti-cancer medication
  • Loss of appetite for those with aids

Therefore, for the question of whether natural CBD or Synthetic Marinol is preferable, one needs to qualify for use of Marinol and have a prescription for the substance as well.

The difference between CBD and synthetic Marinol, for those who are prescribed the latter, is that the latter is also proven by clinical trials.

This does not necessarily mean that natural CBD cannot be helpful, but that until Marinol, its ability to provide relief has not been proven by clinical trials. For more info visit

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