In Ontario appeared first hotel complex for cannabis lovers

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What could be better than to sit by the lake in a Muskoka chair? To smoke a cigarillo Backwoods… unless you smoke.

You can do it, and besides, smoke on the balcony of your room at Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa hotel complex is only for adults, whose leadership has just announced that now they are allowed to consume cannabis products.

At the moment it is the only such hotel in the province, at least officially, which allows its customers to smoke pot on-site.

Located in Haliburton, about three hours away from Toronto, a luxury hotel with 25 rooms located directly on the shore of lake Eagle.

Although the complex has been active for many years, this place where I can get away couples, is not going to keep up with the trends of the time.

According to Cannabis Hotels in Sir Sam now allowed to smoke pot on the balcony. They will also allow you to smoke anywhere on site.

In accordance with the rules established by the Association of restaurants and motels Ontario, only registered guests and their invited guests are allowed to smoke pot if it is done in designated Smoking areas.

Earlier it was reported that last year on McCaul Street was opened the first in Ontario hotel for marijuana Cannabis Air. But it looks like Cannabis Air opening was delayed (maybe themselves too delayed) and Sir Sam was ahead of them.

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