Google bans marijuana delivery apps from Play Store

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This week Google updated its Play Store policy to restrict apps that "facilitate the sale of marijuana or marijuana product," even if the substance is legal in your area.

With the latest update to the Play Store policy, Android Police spotted Google stating that the platform will no longer allow marijuana delivery apps to be available on the digital store, "regardless of legality."

According to the company, apps that help users order or arrange the delivery and pick-up of marijuana and other products containing THC are no longer allowed on the Play Store. Two popular cannabis services affected by the policy change, Weedmaps and Ease, have not been removed by the platform, but their ordering functionalities will be disabled in order to comply with the new rules.

Neither version of these two applications on Apple's App Store allow users to order marijuana via the app; the company just required that both implement a 17+ age restriction.

The fate of weed-distributing applications on the Play Store looks similar; however, if Weedmaps and Ease make their applications downloadable through a different platform or via their own website, users will still be able to order through their services albeit having an extra hurdle to jump.

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