Winnipeg councillor looking to limit amount of medical pot grown in homes

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A Winnipeg city councillor says it's time to move large scale medical marijuana grow ops out of residential neighbourhoods and into industrial areas.

Health Canada says people with a registered certificate to grow medical pot in their homes for personal use can possess up to 150 dried grams or 300 fresh grams.

There can also be up to four registrations in place for production at one location.

Coun. Ross Eadie says he's been receiving complaints about suspected medical grow ops causing odour and noise problems in two neighbourhoods. 

“A person’s right to medical cannabis does not trump people’s right to live comfortably next door,” says Eadie

Eadie says he's tabling a motion at city hall asking the administration to come up with zoning regulations that would limit the amount of medical pot that can be grown in a home.

The councillor says the city could look at the federal legalization law, which permits a maximum of four plants to be grown in a home for recreational purposes and find out how that number was reached.

Health Canada says that at the end of 2018, 27,281 people across Canada had registered to grow medical pot for personal use and of those 1,044 live in Manitoba.

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