Atlantic Canadians continue to spend most on legal Cannabis

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According to the recent release of statistics data by the national statistics agency, the highest sales numbers of cannabis are made by Atlantic Canadians. In their study, Statistics Canada agency analyzed legal cannabis purchase rates for each Canadian province for the first quarter year of pot legalization up to the end of the year 2018.

They found that the residents of Prince Edward Island spend the most on legal cannabis (average of $21.95 per capita) after then come in second the residents of Nova Scotia, who spend on average $17.87 on pot. These data coincide with the study of purchase rates for the first six weeks of legalization, where the results showed the same two provinces with the highest rates of pot sales per capita.

Since the legalization, the residents of the provinces of Labrador and Newfoundland spent on average $13.67, and the residents of New Brunswick consumed an average of $10.99 worth of legal cannabis. So compared to other regions in the country, the Atlantic provinces continue to be at the very top with regards to spending on legal pot. These statistical data are pulled from the figures of the legal recreational sales made by stores with a physical presence as well as legal online stores.

In January, Deepak Anand who is the industry expert said that the provinces of Atlantic Canada prepared for legalization much earlier than other Providences of the country, so they used the advantages much better. He also said that provinces like New Brunswick reaped the benefits of including the ministry of economic development in their preparations for recreational as well as medical legalization. The ministry, in turn, worked with cannabis producing companies to start their business within the province early on.

At the very bottom of the sales rates list is the province of British Columbia, where they spent an average of $0.93 on pot. We shouldn’t be surprised at that number, as in British Columbia the situation is quite different from the rest of the country, mostly because they have already established grey-market dispensaries that are generally tolerated.

Some other provinces with low purchase rates are Alberta with an average of $7.17, Quebec with an average of $3.49, Ontario with its residents spending $2.47 and Saskatchewan with its residents on average spending $2.124 on legal cannabis.

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