Aurora Cannabis ships first commercial export to U.K. under new rules

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Aurora Cannabis Inc. reports it has completed its first commercial export of cannabis oil to the United Kingdom and the product has been successfully dispensed from a pharmacy. “Authorities there recently granted the company approval for its first shipment of medical cannabis into the U.K. from Canada under its new legal framework that came into effect on Nov. 1, 2018,” notes a press release from Edmonton-headquartered Aurora, which has a funded capacity in excess of 500,000 kg a year and sales and operations in 22 countries across five continents.

In the U.K., “specialist doctors can legally issue prescriptions for cannabis-based medicines when they agree that their patients could benefit from this treatment,” the company reports.

“Aurora continues to grow its international footprint, which now includes the U.K., a country with a population of approximately 66 million people. Regardless of the barriers we may be faced with, we are focused on helping patients around the world get access to the medicine they need,” says Neil Belot, the company’s chief global business development officer.

Aurora is currently enhancing its U.K. operations to ensure patients there have access to a range of the company’s cannabis-based medicines when and where needed.

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