4.6 million Canadians used cannabis in the last quarter of 2018

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It’s been a little over 3 months since Canada legalized recreational marijuana and the results from the National Cannabis Survey finally came in.

More than half (55%) of Canadians aged 15 and older indicated that they have never used cannabis, while 3 in 10 were former users who reported no longer using it.

Results say that about 4.6 million of Canadians aged 15 and older reportedly used cannabis in the last three months of 2018. This accounts for roughly 15% of the total population.

Medical users are more established

Consumption rates also continued to be higher among males (19%) than females (11%)—consistent with data from previous quarters.

The prevalence of cannabis use over the past three months was higher among 18- to 24-year-olds (33%) than in other age groups (ranging from 5% to 21%).

Here’s more data on the 15% that answered this survey with a positive answer:

  • 7% used cannabis for non-medical reasons
  • 4% used cannabis for medical reasons only (with or without medical documentation)
  • 4% reported using for both medical and non-medical reasons

The number of users is likely to increase, as 19% of interviewed Canadians think they will use cannabis in the next three months, which would be a 4% growth over one quarter.

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As for their age and spending habits, non-medical users were 35 years old on average, and they rarely spent in excess of $250 over three months.

Registered medical users are 50 years old on average and they are the oldest of the three groups.

Mixed users averaged 38 years of age and they came in the middle of the pack, as far as spending on cannabis goes.

One in five non-medical users reported consuming cannabis daily or almost daily—a considerably smaller share than for medical users with documentation (70%), medical users without medical documentation (46%) and mixed users (46%).

As far as consumption methods go, 83% of non-medical users reported that they typically smoked the cannabis they consumed—a higher number than for medical users with documentation (37%), medical users without documentation (58%) and mixed users (73%).

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