We compared legal marijuana prices across Canada and some provinces are getting ripped off

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If your province or territory nabbing the best deal?!

It's officially day two of cannabis officially being legal in Canada. While we are all probably coming off the high of such a big milestone for the country (pun absolutely intended), Canadians are shocked to see how different the legal purchasing experience is from province to province. 

Not only do some provinces get to buy in store rather than online, but areas of the country are also seeing some extreme price differences for legal cannabis. Meaning you might want to consider a road trip to snag the best bang for your buck. Here are the current prices per gram of legal marijuana in every part of Canada, so you can see how your province stacks up. All prices listed are in CAD.


One gram: $9.24-$15.42
3.5 grams: Starts at $29.99 
Shipping: $9.95 

British Columbia 

One gram: $7.00-$13.99
3.5 grams: Starts at $24.99
Shipping: $10.00 


One gram: $12 .00
Since Manitoba is allowing private retailers to sell their own product, definitive pricing varies.

New Brunswick

One gram: $8.99-$11.50
3.5 grams: Starts at $29.99
Shipping: $7.00 


One gram: $6.89-$12.99
3.5 grams: Starts at $22.49
Shipping: $10.00 flat fee, unless you qualify for free shipping by ordering over $99.00 of product.

Nova Scotia

One gram: $6.33
One gram (premium cannabis): $10.99 
Shipping: N/A

Northwest Territories

One gram: $17.50 ($13.13 options coming soon)
3.5 grams: $42.72-$52.87
Shipping: N/A


One gram: n/a
3.5 grams: n/a
Shipping: n/a
The lack of information on Nunavut's weed pricing has to do with the fact that a company called Tweed has the rights to selling weed in the territory but has not opened up anything as of yet. 


One gram: $7.50-$17.25
Shipping: $5.00 

Prince Edward Island

One gram: $7.83-$13.03
3.5 grams: Starts at $25.87
Shipping: $7.00 


One gram: $5.25-$11.30
3.5 grams: Starts at $18.50
Shipping: $5.00


One gram: $13.00
3.5 grams: $28-$42
Shipping: N/A


One gram: $10.09-$19.75 
Shipping: N/A

Price variances across the country can be hard to track generally speaking because there are so many different strains and prices that can skew the data. DNA Genetics compared one strain's price across the country to give an idea of the price difference of cannabis depending on where you live: 

Clearly, British Columbia has the lowest price out of the bunch in comparison to New Brunswick, which is surprisingly paying the most for a gram of the strain used in the report, called Lemon Skunk. Of course, this isn't the case for every strain as in most cases the territories are seeing the highest markup. 

With all this in mind, it seems like cannabis users might want to stock up the next time they visit a province with a cheaper rate for their favourite strain of cannabis! 

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