Saskatchewan releases rules for marijuana use

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The Saskatchewan government has laid down ground rules for how marijuana can be used after legalization this fall.

Eight offences were listed in a government release issued on July 4, each issuing fines and penalties for improper marijuana usage. In some cases, the laws are similar to provincial decrees already in place for alcohol.

The largest fine, a $2,250 ticket, will be issued if an employee with a retail marijuana location either does not demand proof of age for a customer who appears underage or sells marijuana to a minor.

Another $1,000 ticket will be issued to anyone caught consuming marijuana at a school or childcare location. Any person caught selling or giving marijuana to a persun under the minimum age of 19 will face a $750 fine.

If a minor is caught buying, selling, possessing or consuming marijuana, they will face a $300 fine. Another $300 fine will be issued for anyone who possesses, consumes or distributes marijuana in a vehicle. The fine does not apply to someone using a vehicle to transport marijuana from an authorized marijuana sale location to a legal place to consume it.

Fines of $200 will also be issued to users who consume marijuana in public, have or sell more than 30 grams of marijuana in public, or have or use marijuana in a campground with an active prohibition against smoking marijuana.

The new rules will go into effect when marijuana is legalized in Canada on Oct. 17.

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