Business of Cannabis launches "Papers: A Rolling Guide to the Business of Cannabis"

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Canada's legalization of cannabis is one of the most economically and socially disruptive changes in our time. Today Business of Cannabis announced its new quarterly publication, "Papers: A Rolling Guide To The Business of Cannabis," to provide those in the sector with a new way to stay ahead of who-and-what is shaping the landscape.

"Canada is on the cusp of an incredible moment in our collective industrial and economic history. With Papers, our hope is to provide a traditional platform that takes a deeper look at what's happening in the cannabis industry and to do so in a way that helps drive a larger public conversation," said Reva Seth, co-founder and CEO of Business of Cannabis. "We want this publication to reflect the sophistication and potential of this exciting sector." 

The inaugural issue of Papers is focused on the foundation of the cannabis sector: Licensed Producers.

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"Our vision was to dive deeper to better understand the challenges and opportunities that Canada's licensed producers are experiencing," said Blaine Pearson, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Business of Cannabis. "One of the most exciting features of Papers is our LP CEO survey which was done in partnership with Ample Organics and provides first-ever insights into the LP C-Suite."

Feature pieces in this issue of Papers include:

  • Ample Organics/Business of Cannabis LP CEO survey
  • A look at how big data is disrupting and optimizing the sector
  • A review of how companies are cutting costs and pleasing customers by improving the sustainability of their operations
  • A discussion on innovation with Brad McNamee, Chief Infrastructure Officer of Cannabis Wheaton
  • Combatting the cannabis staffing shortage

The quarterly print and digital publication Papers, The LP Issue, Issue 1 - May 2018 is available for download here.

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