The Rise of Cannabis in UK Pop Culture

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Weed, pot, skunk, grass and dope are just a few of the words taken from the vast dictionary of slang terminology used to describe a certain plant.

A plant that has been widely used as far back as ten thousand years, long before the war on drugs began. In the world of agriculture it is seen by many as a miracle crop, and was one of the very first plants to be cultivated by humans.

Throughout history it’s had countless applications in numerous industries such as clothing, textiles, fuel, cooking and medicine. Its natural healing qualities have been utilised for centuries in civilisations all over the world and its medicinal benefits have been recognised by many cultures and religions.

In case you hadn’t guessed, the plant in question is cannabis. Just mentioning it can often conjure up stereotypes of gang culture and drug related crime, thanks to the negative image created by the media of previous generations. However, these negative connotations are now quickly becoming outdated as the popularity of cannabis, and the benefits of its many applications, has grown.

The recreational, medicinal and industrial use of cannabis has become much more socially acceptable over the last decade, and has seen a rapid increase in support from the public, politicians and celebrity icons.

Celebrity endorsement of cannabis use has helped undo the negative image surrounding the plant, and has helped to promote its positive applications. There is a seemingly endless list of stars who have spoken out in support of the legalisation of cannabis. RihannaMegan FoxMorgan FreemanDanny DeVito and Seth Rogan are just some of the celebrities who have promoted the positive effects that legal cannabis could have on healthcare and the economy.

Growing political support in favour of cannabis has resulted in a shift in public opinion, and has normalised the idea of a legal marijuana industry. The support from Barack Obama in favour of legalising cannabis in Colorado illustrates a change in the attitude of mainstream politics towards the use of drugs.

More recently, the Liberal Democrats in the UK have included in their manifesto a pledge to completely legalise and regulate the cannabis market.

This push from the political class is helping the pro-cannabis campaign to move forward and public opinion is increasingly positive, with an increasing number of organisations and demonstration popping up all over the world.

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