South Africa: Cannabis talk sparks lively debate

The speaker made a strong case for legalising the plant and for regulating its medical use

IF cannabis was a gateway drug, it was a gateway to better health, not a gateway to the use and abuse of more addictive substances.

This, Allan Morkel’s controversial point of view, kicked off what was one of most discussed and debated talks ever delivered from the Tuesday Rostrum podium.

The August guest speaker, Allan is a member of the South African Cannabis Community and Regulatory Association (Saccra). Everyone paid close attention to his talk, ‘Cannabis: The Truth behind the Lies’, and he and his fellow Saccra member, Janet O’Donoghue, were bombarded with questions after he had spoken. By then, there might still have been different opinions about the effectiveness of cannabis as a medicine, but almost everyone saw the need for legislation that would allow its medical use to be well

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