Masses Rally in South Africa to Protest Cannabis Prohibition

According to local reports, around 3,000 protesters in Cape Town, South Africa recently took to the streets to oppose the country’s continued prohibition on cannabis. Activists donning red, green and gold gathered together in support for cannabis. The 10th Annual Cannabis Walk is recognized as one of a series of marches around the globe, called the Global Cannabis Campaign.

The march began at Tennant and Keizersgracht streets.“We were marching for the legalization and regulation of cannabis in South Africa,” lead organizer Johannes Berkhout told AFP. “There is more than enough evidence around the world about the medicinal benefits of cannabis.” A South African lawmaker, Mario Oriani-Ambrosini, submitted a bill proposal calling for the legalization of cannabis but it did not receive enough support to become a law.

Cannabis is commonly referred to as dagga in South Africa. Police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel André Traut said that four marchers were arrested for the possession...

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