Time to revisit South Africa's dagga laws

We should be growing marijuana here in sunlight, reducing carbon pollution and earning ourselves some dollars in the process, writes Stephen Pain.

I have yet to read the texts recommended by Clifford Schaffer in his letter “Drug laws not helping” on March 15, but otherwise I agree wholeheartedly with his views.

Richard Nixon, under immense pressure following the US disaster in Vietnam and the looming Watergate affair, desperately needed a rallying cry to divert the public’s attention and a “war on drugs” fitted the bill perfectly.

It also put the blame for the thousands of returning heroin-addicted GIs wholly on the drug itself and not on their horrific wartime experiences.

In The Pursuit of Oblivion: A Social History of Drugs, Richard Davenport-Hines observed: “Nixon was a chronic insomniac who indulged in binge-drinking when stressed.

“He also acquired a clandestine drug habit from his friendship with the New York financier Jack...

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