Proven medical benefits would open cannabis debate, says Health Minister

Health Minister Howard Quayle was quizzed in the House of Keys overs whether he would support the use of cannabis or cannabis derivatives for medical use.

Replying to the question from Lib Van leader Kate Beecroft (Douglas South), Mr Quayle said: ‘The department will consider supporting the use of any medication, irrespective of its origin, that has a proven evidential basis.

‘A number of preparations derived from cannabis are undergoing clinical trials and some already have product licences as prescription-only medicines for specific conditions. There are no plans to support the introduction of unlicensed unproven medications.’

He added; ‘I should make it clear that nothing I have said changes the fact that the possession and the supply of cannabis is a crime. However, I am clear that where there are clinically proven treatments that include cannabis or its derivatives this should be supported through proper supervised and prescribed routes.


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