Medical marijuana prescription challenged by dead man's family

A New Brunswick family has some tough questions over the prescribing and use of medical marijuana. They believe it may have played a part in the death of a husband and father.

Steve Saunders of Fredericton was prescribed medical marijuana to help him cope with an old shoulder injury and they claim that under its influence he became manic.

He lost control of his life, drove away family and friends, emptied his savings and eventually killed himself.

In March 2014, Saunders was given a one-year prescription for 10 grams a day of medical marijuana, enough for about 16 joints. He started taking the marijuana the following month.

According to his family, it was premium pot with high THC content of more than 20 per cent. (THC is tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical responsible for most of marijuana's psychological effects.)

'Manic is what he eventually became.'- Jake Saunders

Within four months, Saunders's family says he had become...

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