Washington marijuana edibles now require packaging and serving size

The Washington State Liquor Control Board(LCB) has filed emergency rules in order to close a loophole in the recreational marijuana market. According to the LCB, they are adjusting the rules by “defining, consultant, intermediate product, paraphernalia, and selling price” According to the LCB, the new ruling comes after allegations of some stores providing a package deal to their customers. “It has come to our attention that some licensees are engaging in the practice of conditional sale or “bundling” where for example a customer purchases a lighter for $20 which includes the purchase of 1 gram of marijuana for two dollars to avoid paying the requisite taxes on the marijuana.” LCB says that this is now prohibited and the selling price of marijuana products must be indicative of their true value. Another adjustment was made that defines a section that prohibits any version of discounts, gifts, loans, or rebates for product....

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