Cancer patients should be allowed to use cannabis for pain relief

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  • Lib Dem minister has written to Health Secretary calling for review of drug
  • Says he has seen 'more and more evidence' of its medicinal properties
  • These include the side effects of cancer and Aids treatment
  • But the Home Office and Department of Health have rejected his call 

By Jack Doyle for the Daily Mail

Published: 04:58 EST, 14 August 2014 | Updated: 18:08 EST, 14 August 2014

A Liberal Democrat minister called last night for cannabis to be  legalised for medical use.

Norman Baker said the drug could help relieve symptoms for sufferers of conditions such as multiple sclerosis and help those having chemotherapy.

But the Home Office minister's suggestion was dismissed by a Coalition spokesman who pointed to 'clear evidence  cannabis can damage...

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