As Iran’s Marijuana Trade Thrives, Is It Becoming a Nation of Stoners?

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The Islamic Republic has so many problems with heroin and meth, it may be ignoring the rise of weed – a fact that’s making many young Iranians very happy.

TEHRAN, Iran — Grass, cannabis, weed, pot, marijuana or whatever you want to call it, has one symbol: a green, seven-pointed cannabis leaf. This icon is well known in most countries around the world but it seems – and we emphasize that word — that in Tehran there are not that many people who are familiar with it, at least not among police officers and officials. On the streets of Tehran you can see people all over the place wearing T-shirts and manteaux (the coats used by some women instead of chadors to cover up more stylishly) with cannabis leaf designs.

Selling and using grass, like so much else, is still quite illegal in Iran. (So, with a few exceptions, is...

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