The multiple benefits of industrial hemp in the UK

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For many different reasons,as of late, industrial hemp has been quite thepopular topic everywhere in the world. Not only has the crop been under the spotlight for its versatile nature, but its psychoactive cousin, cannabis, has also been the object of many discussions for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. And while hemp still cannot be grown legally in many places in the world, it remains possible to do so in the United Kingdom, provided one obtains the necessary license.

There are many possibilities arising from growing industrial hemp. Many of them are in fact well-known uses of the plant which were discovered thousands of years ago by ancient civilisations, and have benefited human societies throughout history, until the “Reefer Madness” era.
In recent times, human societies, increasingly aware of healthy living, of the environmental impact they have on the planet, and of the eventual exhaustion of natural...

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