Activist Q & A | Finn Hemingway Of Feed The Birds - The High Community (THC)

What happens when cannabis plants start sprouting up like wildfire? You take a stroll through the park, there it is! Walk past the houses of parliament, by god! You lay down in your bed ready to sleep, OK this is getting weird now!

You can’t enforce a law for a plant that is literally everywhere.

But by giving out seeds by the thousands, and people dropping cannabis seeds or bird feed in fertile patches of soil, Feed The Birds are starting somewhat of a cannabis revolution.

And because the plant is so persistent, so versatile and so naturally occurring, police are having a run for their money.  Where they uproot five plants, another 50 are growing somewhere.

So it is a pleasure to catch up with community member and Feed The Birds activist Finn Hemingway to find about this awesome project.

Hey Finn! Feed the birds has two meanings; tell...

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