‘Purple Kush’ recall another road bump after new medical marijuana rules rolled out

VANCOUVER — Purple Kush is considered a lucrative marijuana strain, quick to flower and capable of producing fat, dark green buds that bring to mind berries when sniffed.

Growers love the stuff; so do many consumers. Purple Kush is renowned for its euphoric, long-lasting high.

It was the only strain offered by B.C.-based Greenleaf Medicinals Ltd., one of just a dozen companies that received Health Canada permits to produce and sell medical-grade dried marijuana, under a new regulatory regime that went into effect April 1.

The Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) were intended to replace a long-standing, if controversial, set of rules that allowed Canadians holding prescriptions and permits to grow their own pot or buy it from small, authorized growers.


Under the new MMPR, patients must buy their weed from licensed, corporate producers and have the assurance the marijuana meets Health Canada’s stringent quality and safety requirements.


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