Tonight at 9: "Pot Moms" tell all

As part of a special "Piers Morgan Live" entitled "Gone to Pot: America's Marijuana Obsession," tonight Piers Morgan welcomes Cheryl Shuman, January Thomas, Amie Machado and Glenda Gurrlen, collectively called the "Pot Moms," to talk about their experience with cannabis and why they choose the drug over many others.

“Marijuana is the slang name and cannabis is actually the true scientific name... It deserves some respect,” declares Shumam, known as the "Martha Stewart of Marijuana." “The bottom line is cannabis is here to stay, the toothpaste is out of the tube,” says Shuman, the creator of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club.

Shuman and Machado both turned to marijuana for health concerns, but their introduction to the drug inspired them to build successful businesses within the industry. "I make cookies, I make cakes - anything and everything you can do," explains Machado, owner of Auntie's Edibles.

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