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Canopy Growth CEO predicts US will legalize weed in 2022

The chief executive officer of Canopy Growth said this week he expects the United States will legalize recreational marijuana at the federal level in 2022.

Speaking to CNBC’s Jim Cramer on his show Mad Money, David Klein said that the growing number of U.S. states legalizing weed will inevitably lead to broader support in Congress that will, in turn, eventually force lawmakers to remove cannabis from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act.


Why is Canada Behind the U.S. In Its Cannabis Industry?

A few years ago, Canada was set to become the industry leader for all things marijuana. But with so many marijuana stocks and a bustling cannabis industry, many believe that the market is not nearly where it should be at this point. There are several contributing reasons as to why the country did not overcome the U.S., which are worth taking a closer look at. Of course, Canada is still considered to be number two alongside the U.S. as far as cannabis industries go. And this is not to say that the U.S. marijuana industry does not have its problems, because it without a doubt does.


U.S., Canadian dispensaries begin gradual reopening, allowed curbside pickups

As states move to reopen after the coronavirus shutdowns, dispensaries in parts of the country that failed to declare them essential businesses will also start serving their first in-person customers in weeks. 


Hemp farmers really need a break in 2020

There is no nice way of putting this. America, all of it, is taking it on the chin in 2020. We had barely even come out of the gate this year when, all of a sudden, the entire population was forced back inside due to a sneaky virus that nobody seems to understand or have any control over.

As a result, the country has mostly shut down, leaving us all to watch the economy drop dead right from the living room couch. There is no end in sight to the madness either, at least nothing concrete of hope, making it a distinct possibility that our financial stability could soon be in dire straits.


COVID-19 Fuels Marijuana Industry Push for Permanently Legal Online Sales and Delivery

During the COVID-19 pandemic Colorado has temporarily made the online sale of recreational marijuana legal, “fulfilling one of the pot industry’s biggest wishes and fueling its argument for more concessions that could be made permanent when the crisis eases”, reports the Associated Press.

“It’s one of several signs emerging from the virus outbreak of just how far ingrained marijuana has become in mainstream life in several states.” Dispensaries are being designated “critical businesses” and are allowed to operate through statewide stay-at-home orders. In addition, markets such as California, Washington state and Oregon are allowing curbside pickup during the crisis.


Understanding the importance of marijuana studies and outcomes

In late February, JAMA published a study on the rise of marijuana in older adults that sparked controversy. The study looks to trends in marijuana use for American adults 65-years and older from two researchers who have spent years investigating the connection between marijuana use and senior citizens.

The study utilized data from a survey of 15,000 individuals who shared their experiences and thoughts around marijuana and their use of the drug.


Cannabis sales hit new highs in US and Canada

Cannabis sales are touching new highs as customers across the US and Canada stockpile weed to prepare for long spells of isolation because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Between March 16 and March 22, sales of recreational cannabis across key US markets, including California, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska, were up 50 percent and medical marijuana sales rose 41 percent from the same period last year, figures obtained from cannabis point of sale and data platform Flowhub show.


US Cannabis Companies Seek Bankruptcy Protection from Canada

Cannabis companies have been struggling amid a cash crunch in the sector. The big players are in a tough spot.


Future of industrial hemp clouded by economic uncertainties

In the U.S., specialty crops tend to remain specialty crops, meaning comparatively small acreage and production, said USDA economists in assessing the prospects for industrial hemp. Challenges including competition for acreage, the threat of imports, and the necessity of building marketing networks “will determine patterns of development in the emerging U.S. hemp industry,” they said in a report on Wednesday.


Buyer beware: ‘Weed washing’ companies said to deliver little to no CBD despite packaging

The CBD industry has a dirty little secret that may leave customers feeling let down by their latest cannabis-infused purchase.

The practice, known as weed-washing, occurs when companies add hemp oil that contains little or no CBD to their products in an attempt to financially benefit from the enormous popularity of the compound found in cannabis.

The new trend appears most common in the beauty industry, according to U.S.-based publication, The Fresh Toast, and risks alienating consumers who do not experience the CBD benefits they were promised.


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