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Cannabis sales hit new highs in US and Canada

Cannabis sales are touching new highs as customers across the US and Canada stockpile weed to prepare for long spells of isolation because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Between March 16 and March 22, sales of recreational cannabis across key US markets, including California, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska, were up 50 percent and medical marijuana sales rose 41 percent from the same period last year, figures obtained from cannabis point of sale and data platform Flowhub show.


US Cannabis Companies Seek Bankruptcy Protection from Canada

Cannabis companies have been struggling amid a cash crunch in the sector. The big players are in a tough spot.


Future of industrial hemp clouded by economic uncertainties

In the U.S., specialty crops tend to remain specialty crops, meaning comparatively small acreage and production, said USDA economists in assessing the prospects for industrial hemp. Challenges including competition for acreage, the threat of imports, and the necessity of building marketing networks “will determine patterns of development in the emerging U.S. hemp industry,” they said in a report on Wednesday.


Buyer beware: ‘Weed washing’ companies said to deliver little to no CBD despite packaging

The CBD industry has a dirty little secret that may leave customers feeling let down by their latest cannabis-infused purchase.

The practice, known as weed-washing, occurs when companies add hemp oil that contains little or no CBD to their products in an attempt to financially benefit from the enormous popularity of the compound found in cannabis.

The new trend appears most common in the beauty industry, according to U.S.-based publication, The Fresh Toast, and risks alienating consumers who do not experience the CBD benefits they were promised.


U.S. company created ultimate Canadian dream by combining cannabis and maple syrup

It sounds like the Canadian dream.

Cannabis and maple syrup: Two Canadian institutions, come together as one, delicious breakfast condiment.

But while it may seem like the most Canadian product imaginable, this tasty THC-infused delicacy from pot shop Cultivate and Pure BS Maple Shack is farmed and concocted in Auburn, Mass. and only available to residents of (and visitors to) the state for now. That means Canucks will have to take a road trip to sample the syrup.


Novel studies on cannabis use by young adults show interesting results

Two recently published studies from California-based non-profit research organization RAND Corporation revealed very interesting data.

The first research deals with why young adults living in Los Angeles County acquire medical cannabis cards.

The second study provides data on how the neighborhood density and storefront signage of medical cannabis dispensaries influence consumption rates and associations among the youth.


Cannabis Supply Shortages Abound In Newly Established Recreational Markets

It seems that whenever a new recreational cannabis market rolls out, reports of exaggerated lines, product shortages, and store closures never seem to be far behind.


Major Canadian pot companies facing proposed class-action lawsuits in the U.S.

Some of Canada's biggest cannabis producers are facing proposed class-action lawsuits in the United States after investors were hit with steep financial losses in the stock market.

At least nine U.S. law firms are pursuing cases against Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis and Hexo Corp. in American courts.

Although the allegations vary, each pot producer is accused of misleading investors or failing to disclose certain problems with their businesses. When those problems became publicly known, the lawsuits claim, share prices plunged and investors were stuck with losses.

"[Investors] are mad; they were taken by surprise," said Reed Kathrein, a lawyer at Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP, which is pursuing claims against all three producers.


Pot seizures jumped at U.S. border in the year after Canada legalized cannabis

Marijuana seizures at the U.S. border jumped in the year after Canada legalized recreational cannabis.

Figures provided by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) show American officers seized 2,214 kg of marijuana from travellers entering the U.S. between Nov. 1, 2018 and Oct. 31, 2019, up from just 1,259 kg over the same period a year earlier.

That's an increase in volume of about 75 per cent.

The upswing was less significant in terms of the number of individual seizures recorded: 3,917 in the year after legalization, compared to 3,139 incidents the year before.

CPB spokesman Kris Grogan said he sees the increase as more of an "uptick" than a drastic spike.


Talking to your children about marijuana

If you read enough cannabis-related articles online, you will eventually come across the “talking to your kids about pot” guide. They have been written by many people and contain various nuggets of advice, but what most of them have in common is trying to communicate ways to parents to communicate to their children that marijuana is something they should stay away from.

There’s obviously nothing wrong with that, but there are a couple risks parents run: 1) lying to your children can erode their trust in other things you have told them and 2) lying to your children about marijuana could inadvertently drive them to experiment with some other, more dangerous behavior.


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