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Plans for P.E.I.'s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open in Summerside

Dispensaries technically aren't legal according to Health Canada, but many police forces leave them alone

Craig Gaudet of Summerside, P.E.I., hopes to open the Island's first medical marijuana dispensary this April.Gaudet says he already supplies medical marijuana to people who have approval in P.E.I., but wants to make it easier for others to get medical marijuana at one central location.  

He told CBC he's already picked out a location — on Water Street in Summerside. He's hoping to open in April. 


Charlottetown man leads petition against legalization of marijuana

Mitch Reid of Charlottetown is against the legalization of marijuana. Reid started a petition and hopes to gather over a thousand signatures before giving them to Sean Casey.

Mitch Reid says legalizing marijuana will lead more people down path of drug use

Mitch Reid of Charlottetown is saying no to legalizing marijuana as he feels this would lead more people down the path of drug use.

Reid started a petition and hopes to gather over a thousand signatures before giving them to Sean Casey.

Mitch Reid of Charlottetown is saying no to legalizing marijuana as he feels this would lead more people down the path of drug use.

"I'm concerned about the step after smoking weed. For some people, they may go down that path and may not get out of it."


Plants pulled from PEI farm fields are hemp, not marijuana say RCMP

Plants seized from farmer's fields were determined to be hemp, not marijuana. (RCMP)

Plants discovered in several farm fields in P.E.I. in late July are hemp, not marijuana say RCMP.

Cpl. Andy Cook of the Prince District Drug Unit said lab tests showed the plants had a low level of THC in them, which is the active ingredient in marijuana.

"They exhibited some signs that were also consistent with marijuana plants, so in the interest of determining definitively what we were dealing with we had them sent away and had a quantitative analysis done which showed the level of THC in them," said Corporal Andy Cook, who is in charge of the Prince District Drug Unit.


P.E.I. RCMP continue cannabis investigation on farms

P.E.I. RCMP are working with local farmers and seed providers to remove hemp or marijuana from at least three farmers fields in the Travellers Rest area.

Over the last few days, Cannabis sativa, a crop that can be classified as either marijuana or hemp depending on the levels of tetrahydrocannibol (THC) found in it, was found in a number of fields, according to police.

They say the cannabis sativa hemp and marijuana look very similar, so it is necessary to run a lab analysis to determine which type of plant is in the fields. The testing is being done at a Health Canada facility.

RCMP say it could be weeks before the test results identify the plants.

Even if the substance is hemp, a licence is needed to grow it, so the crop must be removed.


RCMP locate more than 1,250 wild marijuana plants - Local - The Guardian

Members of the Prince District JFO Drug Unit located more than 1,250 marijuana plants Friday after receiving a tip from the public.

TRAVELLERS REST – One of the largest marijuana seizures ever in P.E.I. occurred this week, although  no one has been arrested in connection with the incident.

Members of the Prince District JFO Drug Unit located more than 1,250 marijuana plants on  Friday after receiving a tip from the public.

The plants were located in a farm field and were interspersed with the actual crop.

Police said they believe the plants likely originated from a crop of marijuana being planted in the general area of the field at some time in the past and went to seed.


Marijuana use up slightly among P.E.I. students: report - Prince Edward Island - CBC News

The P.E.I. government released its student drug use report Friday. (CBC)

A report on student drug use shows marijuana use has increased slightly among students in Grades 7 to 12.

Twenty-two per cent of the students who took part reported taking a toke in the last 12 months.

It's a number that has increased from under 18 per cent back in 2008.

"Any substance misuse among youth is a concern and it is important to make this information available to parents, communities, and those who work with youth," said Dr. Heather Morrison, P.E.I.'s chief public health officer.

"I encourage people to read the report online and talk to their children about the harms associated with substance misuse."


Medical marijuana facility under construction on Prince Edward Island

The first private medical marijuana facility on Prince Edward Island is being built in Charlottetown. 

Construction has started on Canada's Island Garden. The facility is over 2,200 square metres and is located in BioCommons Research Park.     

Owner Edwin Jewel says construction is expected to be completed by late November.

It will then have to be licensed by Health Canada.      
"I think the biggest challenge for Canada's Island Garden is to make sure we meet or exceed all of the regulations Health Canada has laid out," said Jewel. 


Charlottetown hosting medical marijuana conference

A conference about medical marijuana is being held in Charlottetown Saturday. 

The conference will include an overview of the current laws surrounding the use of medical marijuana. The Supreme Court of Canada recently ruled that patients can can consume marijuana, as well as use it in extract and derivative form, rather than just smoking the plant. 

Organizers say they hope to raise awareness through the event.

Panel discussion participants include a pharmacist and a representative with the Canadian Mental Health Association.

The conference is being hosted by the group Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana.


Marijuana showcased by lobby group at 50+expo in Halifax

The group Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana was one of the highlights at the 50+expo in Halifax.

Group spokesperson Debbie Stultz-Giffin said almost everyone who came to the group's booth was positive and wanted to learn more about how cannabis can help people's health.

"It shows that times are changing and the conversations about cannabis is coming more and more into the open and the benefits of it being used as medicine," she said.

Stultz-Giffin says her group will be heading to P.E.I. for another event next weekend and plans to be part of the Nova Scotia Multicultural Festival in Halifax in two weeks.


Marijuana extract, 'budder', new to Prince Edward Island

When the RCMP searched a Charlottetown home last month they found a drug that’s new to P.E.I. It’s called budder and is a concentrated form of cannabis resin.

RCMP Const. Scott Mintie said it’s something the police are starting to hear about in P.E.I.

“It’s a concern, just because of the potency of it,” he said.

Budder is produced by grinding marijuana and extracting tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from it using a solvent. The finished product is a brown paste.

The RCMP estimate the street value of dry marijuana at around $10-$15 for one gram while budder would sell for about $80-$100 per gram.

Mintie said there are also safety concerns about the use of solvents to make budder.


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