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Where to buy weed during the COVID-19 pandemic

Approximately 4,000 times these past two weeks, I’ve thanked my lucky stars cannabis was legalized before the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe and sent us all cowering in our bong dens.


Government-run pop-up shop featured during cannabis expo in Moncton

Moncton recently played host to what is being called the first-ever consumer show where cannabis products were available for purchase on-site, albeit exclusively through Cannabis NB.

Cannabis lovers from all over New Brunswick descended upon the Moncton Coliseum this past weekend for a customer-focused, cannabis consumer event.

This event, however, had a little something extra: a government-run, cannabis pop-up shop that featured some of event partner Cannabis NB’s latest and greatest new products, such as infused edibles and beverages.


Monctonians get educated on legal cannabis

Over 2,000 people visited the Moncton Coliseum on Saturday for Canada's first cannabis consumer event featuring a provincial government-operated cannabis pop-up store.

The consumer-focused event featured interactive exhibits, educational sessions, and product sampling from some of Canada's top cannabis producers. Most of all, it was a chance for over fifteen suppliers to showcase the benefits of legal pot.

"It's a very good opportunity for the city and the province as well to become more open to the cannabis culture," says consumer, Joshua Newbury.

"If we can convert some people from the black market to the legal market, that's obviously a huge win," says Canna Island chief operating officer, Sam Murphy.


Who knew? Lower prices trigger higher sales at Cannabis NB

Cannabis NB launched believing low prices were not required to succeed in New Brunswick but after consumers taught it a hard lesson on that point, the Crown corporation has adopted a different approach — aggressive price discounting.

And it appears to be working.

Last week Statistics Canada reported legal cannabis sales in New Brunswick in December were $4.1 million, an 18.4 per cent improvement over November. It's the fourth straight monthly increase in sales in New Brunswick, where per capita purchases at government cannabis outlets have overtaken those in Nova Scotia.

In January Cannabis NB's Tom Tremblay credited lower prices - which the agency initially dismissed as unimportant - for much of the improvement.


Cannabis extract prices vary 'wildly' between provincially run stores

A CBC News analysis has revealed the price of cannabis extracts varies widely across Canada, with the same product sometimes costing two to three times more in one provincially run online store than another.

The inconsistencies, experts say, could undermine efforts to wipe out the country's illegal market. 

The analysis looked at the price of 61 cannabis capsules, sprays and oils available in Ontario's provincially run online retailer in December 2019. 

Those products were then matched with their counterparts from the online provincial retailers in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador — provinces where the government is an official distributor and runs an online mail-order site.  


Improved sales at Cannabis NB may give province second thoughts on unloading operation

Cannabis NB is looking more attractive by the day.

As New Brunswick mulls eight separate private-sector applications to purchase the province’s marijuana sales and distribution business, an increase in sales by the agency might have the government reconsidering the transaction altogether.

The cannabis retailer recorded sales of $3.47 million in November, according to Statistics Canada, a 4.8 per cent increase from the previous month and 14.6 per cent better than the same month fared in 2018.

It was the only Atlantic province that experienced a month-over-month increase, with Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador experiencing a drop off, and sales remaining flat in P.E.I.


Canada Post asks cannabis producers to stop shipping to Campobello Island

Canada Post has asked cannabis producers to stop shipping marijuana to a small island in Eastern Canada, in order to curb a sharp increase in the number of mail trucks being stopped and searched by U.S. border officials.

Campobello Island, located off the southwestern tip of New Brunswick, is accessible year-round only by a bridge from the American state of Maine, so all mail to the community must pass briefly through the United States.

Over the last year, residents have been experiencing a rise in the number of their letters and packages being searched and seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection authorities.


Cannabis NB is increasing sales faster than its Atlantic Canada neighbours? Yep.

Some things do change. In a U-turn-like turnaround, Cannabis NB is making money and increasing sales faster than its provincial neighbours.

As the retailer contemplates the best private-sector operator to take over from the province, out of a pool of heavy-hitters that include Canopy Growth and Loblaws, the company’s numbers are on the rise.

Numbers from Statistics Canada show the Crown corporation hit $3.7 million in sales during November, a 4.8 per cent increase from the previous month and a 14.6 per cent increase from November 2018.


Whoever takes over Cannabis NB will need to reduce prices: Consumers, experts

On a Saturday afternoon midway through January, it’s about -20 C, and one of Saint John, N.B.’s unlicensed cannabis shops has a huge lineup that almost spills out of the door. 


New Brunswick receives eight proposals to privatize cannabis sales

The New Brunswick government has received eight responses to a request for proposals for the operation, distribution and sales of recreational cannabis in the province.

The government issued the call for proposals in November, saying that losses incurred by Cannabis NB — the provincial cannabis corporation — persuaded the government it was time to turn to the private sector.

Finance Minister Ernie Steeves says the interest shows entrepreneurs are ready to invest in New Brunswick.

The province received two proposals each from companies or groups in New Brunswick, Ontario, and Alberta and one each from companies in Nova Scotia and British Columbia.


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