32% Cannabis Job Growth In 2020, Despite COVID-19

In four years, the cannabis industry’s job growth has increased 161%, quickly beating predictions from other industries 10 years from now.

Leafly’s fifth annual cannabis jobs report showed the cannabis industry to support 321,000 full-time equivalent jobs in 2021! An incredible number for an amazing and highly-deserving industry.


Summerside wants more police trained to recognize drug-impaired drivers on PEI

City official predicts 'huge demand in Canada for that training'

Summerside, P.E.I., is hoping to get more officers trained as soon as possible to recognize drug-impaired drivers in advance of Canada's planned legalization of recreational marijuana.

Deputy chief administrative officer Gordon MacFarlane told CBC News only a handful of city officers are trained and the only available training is in Florida.

"Hopefully ... there will be something that will be able to be done through the Atlantic Police Academy because … no doubt there's going to be a huge demand in Canada for that training," he said.


Governor Scott signs medical marijuana into law

Governor Rick Scott officially signed the medical marijuana bill into law Friday. The bill is an amendment 71 percent of Florida voters approved in November of last year.

The bill, also referred to as amendment two, served to surpass Florida’s preexisting medical marijuana law designated for those who are deemed terminally ill and includes a broader range of debilitating medical conditions.

Among those conditions are epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), cancer, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

In accordance with the new law, eligible patients with a doctor’s approval will have access to vaporizer pens, oils, cannabis-based pills and edibles with higher strains of THC; however, smoking marijuana remains prohibited.


Orlando International Airport bans medical marijuana

It is now illegal to have any type of marijuana, even medical marijuana, at the Orlando International Airport.

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Board unanimously approved the medical marijuana ban Wednesday.

A draft policy published this week by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority puts medical marijuana users at risk of arrest when flying out of Orlando International Airport, despite 71 percent of Florida voters choosing to legalize weed for medical uses last November. 


Florida Health Officials Move Forward with Medical Marijuana Plans

Florida health officials have laid out a new process to implement the voter-approved constitutional amendment broadly legalizing medical marijuana, as they attempt to meet deadlines included in the November ballot measure.

The latest proposed rule came as the Department of Health awaits Gov. Rick Scott’s signature of a medical-marijuana bill adopted by lawmakers during a special session this month. That bill addressed major issues, such as how many companies will receive marijuana licenses and how many retail outlets they can run.

Lawmakers on Monday formally sent the bill (SB 8-A) to Scott, who has said he will sign it into law.


John Morgan Plans to Sue Florida State for Right to Smoke Medical Marijuana

Orlando attorney John Morgan is getting ready to sue the state after legislators failed to come up with regulations to allow patients to smoke medical marijuana.

Even though medical marijuana is legal, smoking it is not an option, at least for now.  Legislators passed a bill regulating medical marijuana last week, but it excludes smoking.

"I'm gonna sue the state, because in my amendment, it was mentioned four separate times that smoke would be allowed," Morgan said.

Not everyone agrees. 

"All the scientific literature out there indicates smoking does as much harm as it does benefits. We believe all the benefits of marijuana can be done with vaping without any of the physical harm," said Florida Rep. Ray Rodrigues, R-Fort Myers.


Panama City to consider medical marijuana

With the moratorium on the sale of medical marijuana coming to an end in August, the Panama City Commission plans to discuss regulations at their meeting on Tuesday.

A proposed ordinance would require medical cannabis dispensaries to be located at least 500 feet away from any church, school, public park or other cannabis dispensary. In addition, the dispensary would not be allowed to have a drive-through, sell alcohol or allow patients to consume medical cannabis on site.


Florida lawmakers strike a deal on medical marijuana

Florida legislative leaders have struck a deal about carrying out a voter-approved constitutional amendment that broadly legalized medical marijuana for patients with debilitating illnesses.

The medical marijuana issue was not included in Gov. Rick Scott's call for a special legislative session scheduled to last from Wednesday afternoon through Friday. The call focused on funding for education and economic development.

But after failing to agree during this spring's regular legislative session on a plan to carry out the medical-marijuana amendment, lawmakers were under intense pressure to resolve the issue. The Senate on Wednesday morning announced plans to take up the issue during the special session.


Florida Lawmakers Fight to Include Medical Marijuana Bill in Special Legislative Session

Earlier this year, Florida legislators debated a bill that would expand the state's medical marijuana program, providing a wider range of cannabis treatments to a larger number of patients. Although most lawmakers supported the bill in some form, the two chambers of the Florida legislature were unable to agree on the details of the bill before the legislative session ran out.


Medical marijuana left out of Florida's special legislative session

This week's special legislative session focused on funding for education and economic development won't include medical marijuana, at least for now.

House and Senate leaders remained hopeful that they could strike a deal on the framework for carrying out a voter-approved constitutional amendment that broadly legalizing medical marijuana. But if they don't reach agreement before the special session ends, the Legislature is unlikely to take up the issue later this summer, according to a top senator.

Gov. Rick Scott, Senate President Joe Negron and House Speaker Richard Corcoran announced Friday they had agreed on the parameters of a three-day special session, slated to start Wednesday, to address education and economic-development issues.


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