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HYTN earns cannabis cultivation license



This license amendment assists with solidifying HYTN's regulatory approvals which include a standard processing license, a research license and an amendment for sale of cannabis.

HYTN Innovations Inc. says its wholly owned subsidiary, HYTN Cannabis Inc., has received a license amendment from Health Canada allowing for the cultivation of cannabis.

This license amendment assists with solidifying HYTN’s regulatory approvals which include a standard processing license, a research license and an amendment for sale of cannabis to provincially and territorially authorized retailers.


Canada needs weed edibles strong enough to rival black market products, according to industry leaders asking Health Canada to increase the limit

cannabis edibles

Three years after cannabis’ legalization in Canada, prominent figures in the industry are seeing surges in requests for higher THC in packaged edibles. Currently, the standard for legal edibles and infused beverages is capped at 10mg per package. Those who want a more intense sensation or who have higher tolerances are forced to look elsewhere. Many are turning to the black market (unregulated manufacturers) for their cannabis.

Niel Marotta is CEO of Indiva and co-chair of the edibles caucus in the Cannabis Council of Canada (C3). The organizations are currently lobbying Health Canada to make them aware of what Marotta believes is a “half-million dollar market failure.”


Cannabis companies call on feds to increase edible THC limits to curb Canada’s illicit market


Indiva wants to increase edibles limit to 100 mg for public safety deterring illegal markets

A leading cannabis company is urging the Canadian government to increase limits on edibles as a way to minimize the illicit market and ensure safety.

Two-thirds of edibles customers in Canada are going to the illicit market for unsafe and improperly dosed products, according to cannabis company Indiva. The group wants to see limits per package increase from 10 mg to 100 mg to curb those going to illegal suppliers where limits aren’t an issue.

CEO Niel Marotta called the potency limit a $500-million market failure.


Cannabis & burdensome excise tax: Canadian operators urge changes as pot prices drop


Canadian cannabis operators are urging lawmakers to amend current excise taxes as weed prices drop. With the decline of marijuana prices, the flat-fee tax structure is disadvantageous, to say the least, reported The Globe and Mail. (Benzinga)


3 Canadian marijuana stocks to watch this week


Canadian Marijuana Stocks For Your Monday Watch List

When it comes to marijuana stock investors many are trying to keep up with the sector. For some time now both U.S. and Canadian marijuana stocks have seen their fair share of up and down trading. This choppy pattern creates a bit of aggressive buying and selling. Meaning that when a company starts to see some pullback in trading people tend to buy the dip and wait for the next rise. However, even when an upswing does occur it most times is for a short period of time.


Cannabis sales in Canada increased to C $ 358.8 million


The legalization of cannabis for entertainment in Canada in October 2018 contributed to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), which last year was $ 43.5 billion, but this year this number is undoubtedly higher.

Canadian sales of regulated recreational cannabis have reached an all-time high Approximately $ 358.8 million According to retail data for March ($ 279.6 million) Statistics Canada Recently released.

This figure represents a 10.7% increase in comparison February cannabis salesMarch is considered to be three days longer than February.

February sales were down to C $ 324.1 million or C $ 12.3 million lower than previously reported by Statistics Canada.


Boston Beer brings cannabis-infused iced teas north


The maker of Twisted Tea and Sam Adams is launching Teapot here as it awaits U.S. regulatory progress.

The Boston Beer Company is looking to make a splash in the Canadian cannabis-infused beverage space with its own endeavour into the category, an iced tea product it calls TeaPot.

The cannabis-infused beverage market sits at an approximated value of around $100 million, and includes players such as Truss – a leader in the space – as well as the Collective Project, an offshoot of Collective Arts, and Averi. The Boston Beer Company is now wading in north of the border, looking to “deliberately develop a cannabis beverage pipeline here in Canada while we await regulatory progress in the U.S.,” says Paul Weaver, director and head of cannabis with the company.


Spotlight: Fish-powered Canadian cannabis by Tanner Stewart



“We endeavour to farm as waste-free as possible. We don’t use sprays, no herbicides, no pesticides, no nothing. And it’s as organic as you can possibly get.”

About eight years ago, with his first child on the way, Tanner Stewart got into agricultural farming.

A serial entrepreneur, Stewart started his career in construction, but with the future heavy on his mind, he began looking into sustainable business ventures that were good for people and the planet.

In 2013, he began working with NutraPonics, an Alberta-based company dedicated to the development and commercialization of indoor vertical aquaponics farming technology. Aquaponics, where raising fish is combined with growing plants, is touted as an energy-efficient way to farm.


Tilray Medical launches sleep-oriented CBN Night Oil for medical cannabis patients in Canada


Tilray Brands, Inc. (“Tilray” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: TLRY; TSX: TLRY), a leading global cannabis and consumer packaged goods company inspiring and empowering the worldwide community to live their very best life, today announced that its medical cannabis brand, Aphria, has launched CBN Night Oil, the brand’s first CBN oil medical product formulated for patients’ nighttime use.

Blair MacNeil, President, Tilray Canada, said, “Tilray Medical is committed to providing patients in Canada and around the globe with safe, high-quality cannabinoid-based medicine. We are pleased to add a dedicated night oil to the Aphria medical portfolio and broaden our offering of effective medical cannabis products to patients with a wider range of needs.”


Heritage Cannabis achieves another major milestone, signing a definitive agreement with a major LP to supply products for their market leading medical platform


Heritage products are now offered on the two largest medical platforms in Canada

Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp. (CSE: CANN) (OTCQX: HERTF) (“Heritage of the “Company”), is pleased to announce that it has signed a definitive agreement for the supply of its products to a major LP with the #1 leading market share for sale on its medical platform.

The major LP has completed its initial purchase of Heritage brands, including RAD, Premium 5, and CB4, and are now offering Heritage products on the platform with the first shipment of 12 stock keeping units (“SKUs”) completed in May.

The relationship will also encompass white labelling of some products based on Heritage’s product quality, variety, consistency, industry proven technology and innovation.


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