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Students want to make sure people are getting what they pay for when purchasing CBD

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A student-led project out of Southern Illinois University (SIU) Carbondale is putting the accuracy of CBD labels to the test.


More Women Using Marijuana Products to Help With Menopause

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- Sleeplessness. Night sweats. Anxiety. Irritability. Aches and pains.

Would smoking a little pot help women deal with these common symptoms of menopause?

A good number of middle-aged women apparently think so, because they've been turning to marijuana to help handle the change of life, a new study reports.

"Midlife women within the menopause transition period of their life are using cannabis, and they're using it for symptoms that tend to overlap with menopause," said lead researcher Katherine Babyn, a graduate student at the University of Alberta in Canada.


Creso Pharma subsidiary teams with Acadia University to develop gel capsules containing psilocybin and CBD for drug delivery

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Creso Pharma’s subsidiary, Halucenex Life Sciences Inc and Acadia aim for the formulation to have a quick release effect, good bioavailability of the active ingredients and rapid action. Both CBD and psilocybin are gaining strong traction with consumers.

Creso Pharma Ltd (ASX:CPH, OTCQB:COPHF)’s wholly-owned Canadian based subsidiary, Halucenex Life Sciences Inc has entered into a research collaboration agreement with a highly respected Canadian post-secondary institution, Acadia University.

Under the agreement, Halucenex and Acadia will progress the development of gel capsules containing psilocybin and CBD (cannabidiol) ingredients as a vehicle for drug delivery.


Cannabis Use Not Associated with Adverse Outcomes for Couples Undergoing IVF

IVF procedure

A history of marijuana use among men and women is not associated with compromised effects on IVF (in vitro fertilization) outcomes, according to data published in the Journal of Cannabis Research.

A team of researchers from Canada and Israel assessed IVF treatment outcomes among male-female, non-donor IVF patients that were either cannabis users or non-users.


What’s the Process to Making CBD Oil in Canada? A Beginner’s Guide

CBD oil

For those of you looking at how Canada makes CBD oil, this is the article for you.

CBD oil is how most CBD products are made. While we can take CBD oil on its own, it’s much better if we take it in the form of a tincture, a gummy bear, a vape juice, or cream. But how is CBD oil made? To explain that, we have a guide explaining just that.

So don’t go anywhere as we will start right now.

Choosing the Extraction Method

The first step to make CBD oil is to decide on how to extract the cannabidiol from hemp. Hemp is the plant from which Canadians source cannabidiol. The plant is rich in cannabidiol and low on THC. This makes it perfect for extracting the compound and turning it into oil.


Adults with a history of cannabis use have subtle, but long-lasting, changes to speech

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Stereotypical “stoner” speech and cadence have long been the butt of well-intentioned joking, but an Australia-led team of researchers wondered if weed consumers actually speak differently than non-consumers.

They decided to collect speech samples from 31 adults with a history of cannabis use, low to moderate and with no illicit stimulant drug use, and 40 non-drug-using controls.


McMaster University-led study shows some pain relief from use of medical cannabis

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Some people living with chronic pain may find some relief from using cannabis and have minimal side effects, according to an international study led by McMaster University scientists.

Data from 32 randomized controlled trials shows the use of non-inhaled medical cannabis, as opposed to a placebo, resulted in small improvements in pain relief.

It also showed small benefits in physical functioning and sleep.

There were minor side effects reported, including dizziness, drowsiness, impaired attention and nausea.


Can Cannabis Provide Relief From Headaches?

female holding her head in pain



Cannabinoids overall are likely to be helpful for headache sufferers due to their ability to penetrate the part of the brain involved in migraine pathophysiology.

Did you know that 23 million Americans suffer from severe migraine headaches, and 25% have four or more episodes per month?

In fact, this epidemic costs businesses between 1.2 billion to 17.2 billion dollars annually, through lost productivity and sick time.


Commentary: Herbal Cannabis Vaporization Safer Alternative to Smoking

A team of researchers with the University of Toronto’s School of Public Health opined, “Cannabis vaporizer use can reduce the emission of carbon monoxide, chronic respiratory symptoms, and exposure to several toxins while producing similar subjective effects and blood THC concentration compared with smoking cannabis, holding potential for harm reduction among habitual cannabis smokers.”


How Can CBD Be Used To Treat Depression?

During the past few years, there has been growing popularity regarding CBD, or cannabidiol. It is one of the two main substances that is isolated from hemp.

Many people enjoy using CBD to treat a wide variety of health issues, including depression, anxiety, and stress relief. Because depression is an issue that impacts people worldwide, new treatment options have been developed, including CBD.

If you are struggling with depression, reach out to a mental health professional who can help you develop a comprehensive treatment plan that includes therapy, which might include CBD.


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