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NBA to continue policy of not testing players for marijuana



We all see which way this issue is trending, right?

While marijuana is still on its banned substance list, the NBA and players union agree to terms that would not text players in the Orlando restart bubble for pot. That is going to carry over to this season, reports Ben Dowsett.

Marijuana legalization is becoming more common nationwide. Recreational use is fully legal in 15 states plus the District of Columbia, and many other states have various levels of decriminalization or medical use allowances. With younger generations leaning much more heavily toward legalization, this trend is likely to continue across the nation.


Should the Plant That Can Grow Anywhere Be Grown Everywhere?

Cannabis is a wildly resilient and adaptable plant. It’s been grown and harvested for more than 4,000 years, migrating along ancient trade routes from southeast Asia through Africa and the Middle East, crossing oceans to reach the Americas and points in between. Today, we are just beginning to apply scientific methods to better understand the nature of the cannabis plant itself. The complex interplay of environment, farming techniques, and genetics allow us to coax and nurture various attributes out of each variety gently. 

But moving forward starts with looking back and understanding what grows well, where it grows well, and why. Doing so represents not just the future of cannabis farming but also the future and viability of our planet to sustain us.


Cannabis removed from United Nations list of most harmful substances

The United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs voted on Wednesday to remove cannabis from the organization’s list of Schedule IV Drugs, reserved for the most harmful substances.

For nearly 60 years, cannabis and cannabis resin have been scheduled alongside heroin and other drugs deemed to have limited medical value.

The reclassification could lead to broader acceptance of medical cannabis and open the door for further scientific research.


Provincial government plans to amend legislation around liquor and marijuana delivery

The provincial government said in a Nov. 26 press release that it has introduced legislation to amend the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Act to create a new licence category to ensure delivery companies aren’t taking regulated products like alcohol and cannabis to minors.


The change would shift the responsibility for safe service and delivery of these products to the company delivering them rather than the restaurant, lounge or store they are purchased from


N.W.T.'s first private pot stores get green light from government

The Northwest Territories' first private retailers of cannabis will open their doors soon, after the government announced final approval in a press release Tuesday morning.

Two stores, ReLeaf NT and Trailblazers Cannabis Shop, were named in the release.


ReLeaf has been operating as a cannabis accessories store since early April of last year from a storefront at 5123 51st St. in Yellowknife. Luke Wood, the proprietor, has been a vocal advocate for private retail since legalization.


What are the key impacts of cannabis policy since weed was legalized? This Ontario researcher is hoping to find out

A team of researchers headed by Professor Antony Chum of Brock University plan to put federal funding to good use by determining why there’s been an increase in substance use-related hospitalizations in certain jurisdictions, especially among youth, since recreational cannabis got the green light two years ago.

With funding from the federal government’s Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Chum, an assistant professor of health sciences, and his team, will generally consider how Canadian cannabis policies can lead to better regulations of weed’s use and potency, notes a university statement.


Local township passes cannabis bylaw to curb illegal grow ops

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The Township of Carlow Mayo, about two hours west of Ottawa, had a public meeting on Nov. 16 at 7 p.m. so residents could comment on the passing of the township’s draft cannabis bylaw, and the council could answer their questions about the bylaw.

Many municipalities have faced illegal cannabis operations doing business within their borders, including Carlow Mayo, one of them being the illegal cannabis operation that was taken down by the OPP on Hartsmere Road in McArthurs Mills on Sept. 15.


Five pot stocks Canadians should watch out for

Since the announcement of a Biden-Harris election, investors are paying close attention to the North American cannabis market, which has seen outsized growth since the beginning of November.


Over the past few weeks, a trend has emerged: investors feel positive about the Biden-Harris administration and the impact it will have on Canada’s cannabis industry. While to date, there’s no federal cannabis legislation in the U.S., the incoming administration is perceived to view the cannabis sector with a friendly tone.

Looking at our traffic trends across TradingView, the data suggests cannabis stocks to watch for through the end of the year are:


OPP search warrant leads to seizure of $80 million dollars worth of cannabis in Leamington Ont.

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OPP say they're cracking down on illegal grow operations

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have seized over $80 million dollars worth of cannabis from a greenhouse operation in Leamington Ont.

Officers from the provincial joint force cannabis enforcement team (PJFCET) attended a Mersea Road location on Wednesday to execute a Cannabis Act Search warrant.

According to police, over 75,000 cannabis plants and over 5,300 pounds of processed cannabis were seized.

"The proliferation of illegal marijuana grow operations, as evidenced by this recent significant seizure in Leamington, demonstrates the resolve by criminal enterprise groups to profit from illegal activity," said Inspector Glenn Miller, OPP  detachment commander in Essex.


Fly with Cannabis – Which Countries Let You Do It

Different ways to be legal

Not only does every country have its own laws regarding the use, possession, sale, cultivation, and import/export of cannabis, but often these categories too can be broken down further into medical legalizations, recreational legalizations, and even religious legalizations, each with its own set of laws concerning use, possession, sale, cultivation, and import/export.


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