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Long-serving Tory MP says Scheer dropped him from critic role over pro-cannabis position

Scott Reid, an Ottawa-area and long-serving Conservative MP says that under outgoing leader Andrew Scheer he was “sacked” from his role as critic for democratic institutions after breaking ranks and voting in favour of cannabis legalization.

In a blog post sharing his ideas for the future of the party given the upcoming leadership contest, Reid also opens up about his 2018 experience of being ousted as the Conservatives' leading voice on democratic reforms, in making his case for why he thinks the party has become too “dictatorial” when it comes to centralized caucus discipline.


Study: No spike in traffic-related injuries after Canada legalized recreational cannabis

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Neither Ontario nor Alberta — far and away, the leaders for the number of cannabis stores in the country — have witnessed a significant rise in emergency visits from traffic-related injuries since weed got the green light three years ago.


5 charged after $37 million in illegal cannabis seized, York police say

police confiscating illegal weed
Police say 3,189 pounds of dried cannabis was among what was seized. Handout / York Regional Police

York Regional Police say five people have been charged after officers seized $37 million in illegal cannabis earlier this month.

Police said an investigation began in February after officers received information about a business in Richmond Hill “that was believed to be involved in the distribution of illicit drugs.”

It was determined that the suspects had medical cannabis licences at two locations, but the operations were “entirely illegal” and drugs were being sold “in the criminal market with funds going to organized crime,” police said.


Canada’s cannabis legalization has not resulted in more stoned teens: study

group of teens sitting together looking out over water

“With such categorical fears now shown to be largely unfounded, this should provide the basis to move forward on more nuanced grounds.”

Widespread fears that legalization of recreational weed in Canada would put pot in the hands of children and ravage the country’s youth have shown to be unfounded, according to a new study published in the Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child Psychiatry.


Cannabis farm worth ÂŁ1m found in Bury town centre

cannabis plants

Cannabis plants with a street value of ÂŁ1m have been found at a flooded property in Bury town centre.

About 1,000 plants have been destroyed after they were discovered on Silver Street, Greater Manchester Police said.

Police searches uncovered five rooms and a loft being used for growing the plants.

Officers believe people had also been living in the property after finding two beds in there. There have been no arrests so far.


Kawartha Lakes OPP make another multi-million dollar cannabis bust

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Nearly $8.5 million worth of cannabis seized by authorities in the same region in a matter of weeks.

Following a bust in late July that saw authorities in the Kawartha Lakes seize more than 6,000 cannabis plants, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has netted a second multi-million dollar bust in the same region within a matter of weeks.

More than 2,200 cannabis were seized by the OPP from a property in Sebright, Ont., last week, per


Cannabis Council calls for cannabis policy changes ahead of Canadian election

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The Cannabis Council of Canada (C3) has launched an advocacy campaign to represent the interests of Canadian licensed producers ahead of the federal election on Sept. 20.

The campaign, titled #FutureofCanadianCannabis, will focus on advocating for criminal expungements, removing medical cannabis taxation and other priority issues concerning the cannabis industry.

“Our goal is to leverage the election period to encourage more license holders to develop lasting relationships with their local Member of Parliament and to help elected officials understand the benefits of legal cannabis for their communities and their constituents,” said C3 president and CEO, George Smitherman.


Do CBD Regulations Need Federal Cannabis Reform? Some Say No

It feels as 2019 was a long while ago however some things can’t be forgotten. Back in July of 2019 a staff director for Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee was placed behind other members on the dais. This staff director Brendan was paying attention to all-too-rare bipartisan harmony. Both sides formed a collective understanding: it is time for the federal marijuana prohibition to end.


Cannabis Isn’t Food. Don’t Test It Like It Is.

We continue to see several conflations and misconceptions voiced in the discussion about microbial safety standards for cannabis products. The foundation for these misconceptions is the idea that cannabis testing regulations should mimic the food industry. We reject this idea because cannabis flower has two major departures from food: it contains high concentrations of antibiotics and it is dried and inhaled.

Cannabis Flower Contains High Concentrations of Antibiotics

As much as 20% of cannabis flower weight/volume is made up of cannabinoids, which are potent antibiotics. We have not seen any food on the market that is 20% (weight/volume) antibiotic.


Why cannabis is still a banned Olympics substance

runner on the starting blocks

Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

US sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson will be missing the Tokyo Olympics because she tested positive for marijuana during the US Track & Field trials. With cannabis legal in many states across America, why is it still outlawed in sports?

With her flowing tangerine orange hair, killer smile and lightning speed, Sha'Carri Richardson was unmissable in the lead-up to the Olympic Games.


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