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Is Marijuana the Mother of Innovation?

They say that “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

I would like to add a corollary to that adage.

How about: “Cannabis is the mother of innovation”?

Cannabis has been sparking invention and innovation since before the first stoner looked in the fridge and created a salty, sweet, savory snack from whatever disparate ingredients were found therein.


If you’ve never made a grilled hot link and peanut butter sandwich with a maple honey dipping sauce, or a Cap’n Crunch and Chipotle Tabasco marshmallow treat, you aren’t getting high enough.

And now I’m hungry.

Hang on while I get a snack…

Where was I? Ah yes. Here we go:


Can CBD Oil Be Used As A Food Preservative?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is arguably the most popular cannabinoid on the planet right now. Whereas THC is associated with intoxication, CBD is not.

That is a significant distinction because while many consumers are fans of THC’s effects, not everyone is.

Someone that has no interest in experiencing the euphoric effects of THC, and thus has avoided consuming cannabis, may still want to experience the wellness benefits of CBD.

The market for CBD is larger than the market for THC. That is not a knock on THC – the market size for THC is massive, and increasing as reform victories pile up across the globe.

With that being said, it is no secret why CBD is growing in popularity at an exponential rate because it is appealing to a wider audience.


Cannabis Safety Needs To Be Balanced With Sustainability

The cannabis industry is booming all over the globe, mostly from a medical cannabis standpoint. 

Dozens of countries now allow some form of legal medical cannabis industry to operate within their borders, and some of those countries also have some type of legal import/export industry.

Adult-use is far more limited.

Only two countries, Uruguay and Canada, allow a legal adult-use industry to operate, and in the case of Uruguay, sales are only allowed for residents.


The Future Of Cannabis Is Do-It-Yourself Technology

For many years cannabis consumption methods were fairly rudimentary.

The most common forms of cannabis consumption were typically a hand-rolled joint or a common smoking pipe.

Cannabis consumed in edible form was fairly rare, and more often than not involved brownies, cookies, or other sweet treats.

Cannabis topicals were extremely rare for most consumers and cannabis concentrates were often scarce.

When people could find concentrates, there wasn’t a lot of variety.

Cannabis prohibition drastically limited what types of products were available for consumers, and equally as important, limited the spread of knowledge regarding how consumers could make their own products.


Need to Ship Your CBD Brand? This Is What You Need to Know

By 2025, the U.S. CBD market could be a $16.8 billion business, a massive jump from the projected $4.7 billion earnings in 2020. To meet rising consumer demand, CBD sellers have been diversifying their sales channels, including eCommerce, dropshipping, and retail channels.


Government Research Focuses On the Harms of Cannabis. Will This Change?

Is cannabis safe for pregnant women to use?

Is there a danger to secondhand cannabis smoke?

Does cannabis use clash with other medications?

All of these are fairly straightforward questions which should be straightforward to study, but not in the nascent grey industry that is legal cannabis.

Scientifically speaking, we know more about the effects of cow flatulence on the atmosphere than the effects of cannabis on the human body.

If the cannabis industry is to ever be taken seriously on the international stage, there’s a desperate need for research from respected scientists and doctors and less anecdotal input from Jeff the Budtender.


Canopy Growth beverage head to depart amid sluggish drink sales

The executive in charge of Canopy Growth Corp.'s global beverage unit is leaving less than a year after he joined the company, a high-level departure that comes as the pot giant looks to ramp up sales of cannabis-infused drinks to the Canadian recreational market. 

Andrew Rapsey joined Canopy in January and took on the role of global head of beverages in August. He announced in a LinkedIn post on Wednesday he is leaving the company and plans to return to Alphabet Inc.'s Google in 2021. 

"As I gear up for 2021, I have decided to head back to Google Canada for some unfinished business with a marketing team I adore," Rapsey said in the post. 


Breeding for Cannabinoids: The CBG Seed

It’s early on a mid-March Friday morning at the Oregon CBD headquarters, outside Corvallis, Oregon. The company’s co-founder, Eric Crawford, is breaking up a piece of intimidatingly frosty cannabis as I watch with apprehension.


How Technology Is Reshaping The CBD Industry

For one, technology is creating more effective CBD products for the CBD market, and better, more efficient products.

Wall Street experts project the CBD industry to swell to more than 22 billion dollars over the next two years. Within a decade that number is projected to exponentially grow towards 75 billion dollars.

As is with any big industry boom, everyone wants a piece of the action. Fortunately, with CBD hemp there is plenty of pie to go around. And technology plays a big role in the CBD industry from seed to shelf and beyond.


Canadian Hemp Acreage and Export Value Up More Than 20%

According to the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, Canada’s hemp acreage and export value are both up more than 20% this year.

“The Canadian hemp industry continues to grow in 2020 despite the challenges posed by COVID-19,” CHTA board chairman Keith Jones said in a statement after the group’s annual meeting, held online this year. “Canada seeded some 92,000 hemp acres in 2019, with exports exceeding $110 million Canadian dollars ($85 million).”


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