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An employee tests positive for COVID-19 at Canopy's Smiths Falls cannabis facility

A Canopy Growth employee at the company’s Smiths Falls, Ont. facility has tested positive for COVID-19.


B.C. requires liquor-style “selling it right” course for cannabis retailers

The B.C. government has relieved one regulatory burden from recreational marijuana stores, and imposed another one.

After hundreds of cannabis retailers frosted or masked windows under license terms the province imposed in late 2018, Attorney General David Eby announced June 18 that “non-transparent walls” are no longer required. The change applies to private retailers and government-owned BC Cannabis stores, which used frosted glass.


Why Employee Training Is Your Key To Financial Success

So, there you are, pondering your finances, there are many expenses and costs that go into running your business and when your budget is already tight, should you add or increase training to the expense list? Why frustrate yourself, looking for ways to train people, when you could be focusing on things like technology, product development or sales that help with business growth?

We all know that product development and sales are important. But what differentiates training from other expenses is that while on the surface training might appear as an expense, it’s not.


Crossing Over to a Career in Cannabis: What You Need To Know

If you’ve ever considered making the leap from the mainstream workforce to a career in cannabis, you’re not alone. In 2019, the cannabis industry added 33,700 new jobs, up 15% from the year prior. And this growth came despite shakeups caused by capital dry-ups, the vaping crisis, and more. Since the onset of COVID-19 this year, Vangst has seen thousands of new job seekers join our community – many of whom are readier than every to trade up from their old career for new opportunity in a recession-resistant industry. Cannabis is here to stay, and the most pioneering and innovative professionals are quickly recognizing the upside of getting involved.


Canopy Rivers Tightens Belt, Cuts Employees

Canopy Rivers Inc. (OTC: CNPOF) is laying off employees and cutting back on spending as the company focuses on positive cash flow. The venture capital firm that specializes in cannabis companies said that it is streamlining its operations to preserve its cash on hand.

However, Canopy Rivers said it is still planning on repurchasing some of its subordinated voting shares and that is can buy up to 10% of these shares. The stock was lately trading at $1.02 per share.


Tilray to close Leamington cannabis greenhouse operation

A licenced cannabis greenhouse in Leamington, employing about 120 people will be shutting down operations over the next six weeks.

Tilray, Inc. the owner of High Park Gardens announced Wednesday it would be closing its Leamington operation. The company says the closure is expected to yield $7.5 million in annualized net savings.

“We are continuously evaluating the evolving needs of our business, against a challenging industry backdrop, to ensure we’re in the best position to produce world-class products and deliver positive results for our stakeholders,” Brendan Kennedy, Tilray CEO said in a statement.


Why The Pandemic Could Be A Boon For Cannabis Education

The coronavirus has forced a lot of universities to provide digital curriculums, which has proven beneficial for cannabis education programs.

Cannabis education has slowly spread since marijuana began to earn legal status across states. Nowadays, with the coronavirus, universities are facing new challenges that force them to rework their curriculum and find new ways of keeping students engaged while producing revenue.


Cannabis Industry Could Help Higher Education During COVID-19 Crisis

Higher education is one of the industries hit hardest by COVID-19. Colleges and universities across the U.S. are bleeding revenue, as they’re forced to furlough employees and send students home.


How To Make A Career Pivot To Cannabis

Two types of entrepreneurs emerge during a crisis: Those who panic, kicking into survival mode thinking the only solution is to wait out the storm and hope everything works out at the end. And those who are true change-makers, recognizing opportunity in a time of crisis and springing into action. These people have one thought in mind: What can I do to help? 


Will COVID-19 pandemic push cannabis workers to unionize?

Union leaders are saying the COVID-19 global health crisis could prove to be a watershed moment for organizing within the fledgling cannabis industry. 

Local 881 UFCW, an affiliate of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, represents 34,000 workers in retail, drug stores and the cannabis industry in Illinois and Northwest Indiana.

The association says the pandemic will result in more workers in the marijuana business unionizing in order to protect labor rights they claim have been jeopardized under the current circumstances.


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