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Social and Racial Equity in the Cannabis Influencer Industry

Both business and culture surrounding legal cannabis have certainly seen a lot of attention over the last few years.

With cannabis rapidly becoming legalized in more U.S. states, we are seeing that culture reach a much broader audience.

But, is that culture representative of Black and racially diverse industry professionals?

Cannabis marketing and advertising are becoming more mainstream and cannabis companies are taking full advantage of how many people they are reaching.


Canada to host workshop on setting global cannabis safety standards

s legal cannabis markets continue to expand rapidly across the globe, Canada is uniquely positioned to develop international safety guidelines for the emerging industry.

On Tuesday, safety science consultant firm UL said it has teamed up with the Standards Council of Canada to host a workshop to address the safety, security and sustainability of the global legal weed industry.

The workshop will kick off in November and cover three distinct areas:


Weed Workers Will Outnumber Computer Programmers By End Of 2020

Total combined recreational and medical cannabis sales in the U.S. is anticipated to break $15 billion by year’s end.

If you’re looking for work amid the pandemic and live in a legal state, the cannabis industry is hiring. New data published in the 2020 edition of the annual Marijuana Business Factbook reports the U.S. cannabis industry is expected to add almost 250,000 full-time jobs between 2020 and 2024.


Cannabis Breeders Are Widely Undervalued. This Company Wants To Change That

Exceptional cannabis doesn’t just miraculously appear. Many materials and resources must be successfully manipulated before a top-shelf cannabis product can be harvested or manufactured. Nature must be nurtured. Yet, one of the most significant factors that will determine a cannabis plant’s quality (and therefore its value) is its genetics. 


How Ergonomics Plays a Crucial Role in Cannabis Worker Safety

Ergonomics and the associated employer requirements to maintain safe workplaces, especially in industries where repetitive motion injuries are common, are at the forefront of modern claim prevention. However, the legal cannabis industry could be especially vulnerable.

As a legalization shift sweeps the nation, responsible cannabis growers in California are uniquely positioned to lead the way, while others either comply or face hefty penalties.


5 Cannabis Catalysts for the Remainder of 2020

As any marijuana stock investor can tell you, the past 15 months haven't been pretty for pot stocks. Since April 2019, the vast majority of cannabis stocks have lost 50% or more of their value as growing pains have taken shape. In Canada, supply issues have led to everything from shortages to bottlenecks. Meanwhile, high tax rates on legal product in the U.S. have ensured that black market demand remains robust.


Is Canopy Growth Corp. Facing A Shutdown Of Their Ontario Facility?

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a significant impact on the global economy and many countries are still dealing with major outbreaks.

The US is the epicenter of COVID and has the highest number of confirmed cases in the world. Unfortunately, the trend seems to be getting worse and we are closely following how the government handles the outbreak.

Although Canada is one of the countries that seems to have the COVID crisis under control, many companies are still being impacted by the virus. Canopy Growth Corporation (WEED.TO) (CGC) is a leading cannabis producer and it recently announced that an employee at its Ontario facility has tested positive for the virus.


An employee tests positive for COVID-19 at Canopy's Smiths Falls cannabis facility

A Canopy Growth employee at the company’s Smiths Falls, Ont. facility has tested positive for COVID-19.


B.C. requires liquor-style “selling it right” course for cannabis retailers

The B.C. government has relieved one regulatory burden from recreational marijuana stores, and imposed another one.

After hundreds of cannabis retailers frosted or masked windows under license terms the province imposed in late 2018, Attorney General David Eby announced June 18 that “non-transparent walls” are no longer required. The change applies to private retailers and government-owned BC Cannabis stores, which used frosted glass.


Why Employee Training Is Your Key To Financial Success

So, there you are, pondering your finances, there are many expenses and costs that go into running your business and when your budget is already tight, should you add or increase training to the expense list? Why frustrate yourself, looking for ways to train people, when you could be focusing on things like technology, product development or sales that help with business growth?

We all know that product development and sales are important. But what differentiates training from other expenses is that while on the surface training might appear as an expense, it’s not.


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