The Valens Company continues to expand Canadian recreational market share in April

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The Valens Company Inc. (TSX: VLNS) (Nasdaq: VLNS) (the "Company" "The Valens Company" or "Valens"), a leading manufacturer of branded cannabis products, is pleased to provide an update on its recent recreational market share in Canada.

Tyler Robson, Chief Executive Officer of The Valens Company, said, "We continue to expand our recreational market share as we develop strength within our brand portfolio through products that continue to resonate with consumers. Furthermore, Valens was the fastest growing company among the top ten licensed producers by market share, seeing retail sales growth of 53.8% from November 2021 to April 2022 based on Hifyre data in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Importantly, we were able to grow our market share across all product categories and overall market share increased by 90 basis points from 2.5% in November 2021 to 3.4% in April 2022. We continue to grow faster than the average of our top ten competitors who collectively saw their market share decline over the same period. In short, we are on track to hit our 2022 objectives to become a top five player in vapes, edibles and beverages and a top ten player in flower products by year end."

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