Creekside Cannabis celebrates one year of operation on Mississauga First Nation

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employees outside a cannabis store

On Sept. 21, Creekside Cannabis on Mississauga First Nation, just west of Blind River, marked its first anniversary. However, it celebrated the event on Saturday, Sept. 25 with a barbecue, pop and cake. (Photo By Kevin Mcsheffrey/The Standard))

Paul Corbiere, manager of Creekside Cannabis, says Creekside Cannabis was the first cannabis store to open between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie. It is licensed to operate by Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Creekside Cannabis is managed by the Mississaugi Retail Cannabis Corporation, of which Mississauga First Nation is the sole shareholder. All the profits go back into the community, for such things as public works, education, health care and more, says Corbiere.

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