The Good Shroom wins approval to sell its cannabis beverages and hash products in Quebec

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The Good Shroom Co Inc has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary and licensed cannabis processor, operating as Seul CBD, has been approved by the Société Quebecoise du Cannabis to sell the company’s Velada wellness beverage brand and Nordique Royale hash brand in the Canadian province of Quebec.  

Good Shroom said its cannabis products are expected to be available for purchase by consumers in Quebec by year’s end.

The company noted its Velada brand produces cannabis-infused instant coffee and teas in a variety of different flavours such as matcha latte, golden milk latte, hot chocolate, and café olé, which will become Canada's first cannabis-infused coffee. 

It added that all Velada beverages are vegan, gluten free, non- genetically modified organism (GMO) and sugar free.

Good Shroom’s Nordique Royale hash products, meanwhile, will include brands such as Le Choix du Nord, Afghan Gold, and Équilibré, which will be offered at more competitive prices with the same or higher cannabinoid content as similar products found on the black market, according to the company.

Good Shroom said Quebec’s approval is another milestone in its nationwide campaign to distribute cannabis branded products and hash across Canada over the next 12 months.

The Good Shroom Co, through its wholly-owned Teonan subsidiary, manufactures and sells functional beverages under its two brands: Teonan and Velada, which are inspired by the relationships ancient cultures held with mushrooms and in line with growing consumer trends towards functional foods.

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