Cannabis facility on McGill?

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Kamloops building

The City of Kamloops is considering issuing a permit for a small cannabis processing facility to operate along McGill Road.

At its meeting Tuesday afternoon, city council voted in favour of having staff distribute a notice of intent to consider issuing the temporary use permit. (Photo by: Tim Petruk)

According to city staff, if the permit is awarded, the business — which would operate in an existing building located at McGill Road and Concordia Way — would be allowed to prepare and package small batches of dried cannabis and extract oils for use in topicals, edibles and other products.

Two delivery trucks will take products created in the facility to retailers. No retail space would be set up at the facility itself.

Eric Beach, planning and development supervisor for the city, told council that if issued, the permit will allow the operator to use the space for three years, with the possibility of a three-year extension after that.

“There could be potential odours, so that's why the applicant is applying for a temporary use permit at this time,” Beach said.

He said the applicant has received approval from the other businesses in the area to operate the production facility.

“The applicant will be required to provide a mechanical ventilation system that prevents offensive odours from leaving the building, and the processing facility would be required to meet all other applicable municipal, provincial and federal regulations around processing of cannabis,” Beach said.

“The temporary use permit will allow the applicant and the city to evaluate this on a case basis to ensure that there's no negative impacts as I mentioned with odour.”

According to city staff, as a condition of the permit, the applicant will need to work with the city and the community to resolve any concerns or complaints. If Health Canada were to suspend or cancel the processing license, the business license would also be suspended or cancelled.

“The applicant will be required to obtain a business license. … If any concerns do arise at this time, through any complaints in the neighbourhood, we could look at suspending or cancelling that business license,” Beach said.

He said there will be no growing or harvesting of cannabis plants in the facility.

As per council’s decision, city staff will be distributing a notice of intent to consider issuing the temporary use permit.

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