RCMP Police Dog Sniffs Out Drugs During Traffic Stop

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police dog sniffed out drugs

Saskatchewan RCMP say a police dog helped officers seize 300 grams of crack cocaine during a traffic stop near Maidstone. On Sunday afternoon, a Saskatchewan RCMP Roving Traffic Unit officer pulled over a vehicle on Highway 16 for having excessive windshield damage and window tint. RCMP Police Service Dog Kilo helped in a search of the vehicle and with his help, officers report finding 300 grams of crack cocaine and seven grams of illicit cannabis. The Saskatchewan RCMP note that 300 grams is about 600 daily doses.

Cpl. Bryce Pender of the Roving Traffic Unit says Kilo’s highly-trained nose helps them find drugs they may not have otherwise been able to detect, and this is just one instance where he has helped us take drugs off the street. Bryce Zabrick of Edmonton is charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of illicit cannabis.

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