Charges follow seizure of 2,400 weed plants in central Ontario city

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Police seized plants

Police found 2,428 cannabis plants in various stages of growth. / PHOTO BY ONTARIO PROVINCIAL POLICE, TWITTER

Two Ontario men have been charged with cultivating, propagating or harvesting far more than the four cannabis plants allowed for personal use, after Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) discovered the limit had been exceeded by 2,400-plus plants.

Although recreational cannabis is legal in Canada, adults are only allowed to grow up to four plants per residence (not per person) for personal use.


An OPP tweet noted the seizure means the team successfully stopped “an illegal grow operation.”

The bust was not met with much support on Twitter. “The amount of crack and fentanyl in the Kawarthas and this is what you focus on,” noted one comment in response to the OPP tweet. “The promise of cannabis legalization was to supposedly free up police officers to pursue other more serious offences,” added another.

The seizure meant “an illegal grow operation” had been successfully stopped. /

The seizure meant “an illegal grow operation” had been successfully stopped. / PHOTO BY ONTARIO PROVINCIAL POLICE, TWITTER

Huanya Sun, 36, and Dang Hon Xiong, 50, each face a count of cultivating, propagating or harvesting more than four cannabis plants, Global News reports. Sun has also been charged with possession of cannabis for the purpose of distributing.

Both men are scheduled to appear in court in Lindsay, Ont. on May 20.

While producing slightly over the cannabis plant limit is likely to result in only a ticket, cultivating a large number of marijuana plants exceeding the limit could be punishable with as long as 14 years in jail upon conviction, reports the federal Department of Justice. Illegal distribution or sale of cannabis carries the same potential penalties.

An investigation by the Office of the Ontario Fire Marshal with regard to fire infractions at the Fenelon Falls grow-op is continuing, Global News cites the OPP as saying.

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